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Interest in an OHDSI Education Working Group?

(Nigel Hughes) #1

Hi. I’m the Project Lead for EHDEN alongside @Rijnbeek and leading also on the EHDEN Academy with our small but dedicated team.

I wondered if there would be interest in setting up an Education WG to explore, develop and oversee the educational aspects of promoting open science, the OMOP CDM/OHDSI framework, tools, methods and skills for the OHDSI and wider research community?

I think with the proposed OHDSI Institute in mind, as well as work in South Korea and Australia, we would have commonality of purpose and intent here to align on global education opportunities, cohesiveness of resources and materials development and alignment on overall goals?

Looking forward to responses, but especially your thoughts, @hripcsa, @Patrick_Ryan, @Rijnbeek, @Daniel_Prieto, @Nicole_Pratt, @Andrew, @Christian_Reich, @rwpark, et al?

(Patrick Ryan) #2

Thanks @nigehughes, I think this is a great idea to bring together activities that are going on across the OHDSI community. The EHDEN Academy is an amazing resource that we need to build on together, while it started in EHDEN for our EU partners, it is clearly an international resource that we should all share in the development of. We also know that @jon_duke is teaching courses at Georgia Tech using OMOP/OHDSI, @Paul_Nagy is teaching courses at Johns Hopkins, @cukarthik and I bombarding our students at Columbia with OHDSI opportunities. @David_Madigan and @krfeeney have ambitious plans for educational opportunities at Northeastern. Thanks to various members of the community for serving as faculty and with community infrastructure support from @lee_evans and @JamesSWiggins, we’ve created numerous tutorials that have provided new ways to educate the community at all levels. And I’m sure there’s others that I may not have visibility into. There is likely a lot of opportunities to sharing of resources, but also thinking about shared infrastructure and demonstration activities that could benefit all stakeholders. We have the OHDSI2021 Symposium scheduled in Sept, but the agenda and format hasn’t yet been decided (e.g. should we have tutorials? if yes, in what format/structure? how does it fit in with other complementary efforts?); that potentially provides a nice forum to consider how education within our community can be re-imagined.

All of this to say, thanks @nigehughes for taking the initiative, and I hope others share my enthusiasm to see this move forward.

(Sarah Seager) #3

I’d be interested in helping :slight_smile:

(Nigel Hughes) #4

This is great @Patrick_Ryan, thanks also for outlining the tremendous variety of initiatives and colleagues delivering on the educational goals of OHDSI.

I look forward to other comments and views, but hope we can initiate this in the shorter term, mindful also of those points on the Symposium too.

(Nigel Hughes) #5

This is great @sseager, would love to collaborate. Will await further comments, as per my reply to @Patrick_Ryan, hope we can initiate the WG in the short term.

(Dmytry Dymshyts) #6

Happy to help with vocabulary related questions

(Charles Gutteridge) #7

Nigel - we met some time back at the first European OHDSI forum in Rotterdam. Barts Health is winding up to join EHDEN and I am writing to express an interest in the education working group you are proposing.

(Nigel Hughes) #8

Thank you Dimitri. Will keep you in the loop.

(Nigel Hughes) #9

Hello Charles! Nice to hear from you too. Glad to things are progressing, and will keep you in the loop as well.

(Seng Chan You) #10

@nigehughes Please count me in for education in APAC network.

(Selva) #11

@nigehughes - Please include me in as well for OHDSI APAC. I am looking forward to learning as well as contribute.

(Nigel Hughes) #12

Dear @SCYou - thank you, and will include you in the list as we develop this

(Nigel Hughes) #13

Dear @SELVA_MUTHU_KUMARAN - absolutely, will include you too in the list. More to follow.

(daniel morales) #14

Please add me too @nigehughes, sounds like a great idea.


(Elizabeth Betts) #15

Hey, I’d like to help with this! I work as a data scientist in Sarah Seager’s team at IQVIA, I’m fairly new to the company (3 months) but keen to assist where I can

(Sarah Seager) #16

Great stuff, Liz! We can combine efforts :dancing_women:

(Teng Liaw) #17

Thanks, Nigel, count me in. In addition to contributing, it would also enhance our digital health course with contemporary CDM concepts and use cases.

(Sara Khalid) #18

Thanks Nigel. Happy to be involved with this. best, Sara.

(Nigel Hughes) #19

Hi @danielmorales

Great! I’ll look to setting up a meeting in due course to initiate the whole process around setting up this WG.

(Nigel Hughes) #20

Hi @lizbetts

Welcome aboard, looking forward to connecting when we speak on this - meeting set up to follow in due course. Good luck in your new role!