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Hi all,

We’re trying to map Canadian ICD codes (ICD10-CA) to ICD10-CM, or some combination of ICD10 in order to map our data to OHDSI. Has anyone tried to do this mapping?

Many thanks,


Well, the whole reason all these countries have their own ICD-10 version is they want different things in there. So, by it’s nature you will not get a good mapping.

We map to SNOMED.

To add to Christian’s post above, you will need the ICD-10-CA codes mapped to standard concept_ids from the SNOMED vocabulary in order to participate in network research. Mapping to ICD10 (WHO version) or ICD10CM, then SNOMED might result in some semantic loss. It’s best to go straight from your source vocabulary to SNOMED.

Open an issue in the OHDSI Vocabulary GitHub found here Let them know your use case.