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How would I represent surgery duration



I’m new here, and was hoping for some help.
I’m interested in representing surgeries data. Surgeries are currently represented in PROCEDURE_OCCURRENCE table. But I would like in addition to procedure_datetime, also end time of procedure.
I see two alternatives:

  1. Add a column procedure_end_datetime to PROCEDURE_OCCURRENCE table.
  2. Use VISIT_DETAIL table which already have visit_detail_end_datetime for each surgery.

First options sounds to me more adequate to represent clinical procedures which have a duration, but requires to (slightly) edit the CDM. Where the second option is already ‘ready to use’, but conceptually, a procedure is not a visit so it does not seem to be the best representation.

What do you think?

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(Christian Reich) #2


You got it. The PROCEDURE_END_DATETIME is what you need. Put in a request to the CDM Working group at https://github.com/ohDSI/commonDataModel/issues. In the mean time, start using it in your own data.



(Qi Yang) #4

For our surgery data, we used concept_id 1175267 (Procedure duration) to represent surgery duration. The concept belongs to Observation domain. We then link Procedure record (actual procedure) with the Observation record (procedure duration) via Fact_Relationship table.


@QI_omop, can you please share an example consist of a procedure, an observation and fact_relationship?

(Qi Yang) #6

Sure. Here it is: Procedure duration mapping example.xlsx (13.6 KB)

Please let me know if this is what you asked for.

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Thank you @QI_omop, this is very helpful :slight_smile: