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How to run cpt4.jar on Athena download: using new UMLS login

(Don O'Hara) #1

Hi all - I’ve migrated my UMLS account to use an identity provider and am not sure how to run the jar file to update CPT descriptions. Is there a new procedure to follow?

After unpacking, simply open a command line in the directory you unpacked all the files into and run “java -Dumls-user=xxx -Dumls-password=xxx -jar cpt4.jar 5”. Please replace “xxx” with UMLS username and password.


Q: I usually sign in with a UTS username and password. What happened to that?
A: We are no longer supporting username/password to sign in. Instead, you will sign in with your email address using one of the identity providers above.


(Konstantin Yaroshovets) #2

Please find info here:

(Don O'Hara) #3

Thanks, @Konstantin_Yaroshove !
I’ll wait for the update to come out. I’m OK for now without the CPT descriptions.

Perhaps you can put a blurb on the Athena download page to let others know not to migrate on UMLS yet?


(Konstantin Yaroshovets) #4

Here will be update for CPT4 tool to support API keys

(Don Torok) #5

Has update been completed? Is there documentation on how to use API keys with CPT4 tool?

(Konstantin Yaroshovets) #6

Yes, the tool was updated. You will get new version and documentation requesting new download in Athena.