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How to record head of CT scan data into OMOP CDM?

(Wang Man) #1

Hi,everyone,I’ve got a problem about how to store description of head CT and report of head CT into OMOP CDM.
1.For description of head CT,we’ve got for example:“Small patchy low-density shadows were observed in Prefrontal lobe and Anterior and posterior angles of bilateral lateral ventricles”.I could not find a suitable Concept id in the OMOP CDM.
2.For report of head CT into OMOP CDM,we’ve got for example:“demyelinating Changes in white matter”、“Mild cerebral atrophy in the left frontal lobe”.I could not find a suitable Concept id in the OMOP CDM too.
So my question is:Is there any Concept id for this kind of data?How can I find it? If not,how could I record them?
Thank you guys in advance.

(Wang Man) #2

As we nlped the report of Head CT scan,we’ve got three types of entities:“Orientation(Left,right,bilateral etc.)”、“Anatomical site(parietal lobes,occipital lobes,thalamus etc.)” and “Changes(Atrophy,infarction,widen etc.)”.
If I could find all of the entities’ Concept ID,then how can I store them,which means which field should I give them respectively?
However,if I could not find corresponding Concept ID,then how can I store them into OMOP CDM?

(Dmytry Dymshyts) #3

Why is it a sepated topic from


has 3 axes described above: Orientation , Anatomical site, Changes.
That can be fit into some Imaging extension table, seems it is exactly what @SCYou is working on.

(Wang Man) #4

Because I am wondering if anybody else have better idea.

Yea,you are right.But I have no idea how the things are going so far.