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How can i store the discription and report of Head CT scan into CDM?

(Wang Man) #1

We have two kinds of data about Head CT scan: discription and report.Discription is about some changes in the brain, like" Low-density shadow in frontal lobe. the fourth ventricle enlarged". Report is about what kind of disease in the brain like “Maxillary sinusitis”、“Lacunar cerebral infarction in right basal ganglia”.We have already NLP the raw data into different entity like “orientation”、“position”、“visible”、“invisible”、“changes”、“the measure of changed area”、“CT value”.
1.Where should i store the discription and report of Head CT scan,observation table or measurement table?
2.Are there any concept id i could use to store this kind of data,like positon(brain)、changes(about brian)?Can it work in this way?

(Dmytry Dymshyts) #2

There should be something similar to

but instead of pathology report you have CT.

So, to store discription you put CT of head in a PROCEDURE table
and its result in NOTE table connecting them accordingly.
Probably report with exact disease should go into OBSERVATION (but I can’t find corresponding concept in OBSERVATION domain, so still need to think about this decision) and disease goes to value_as_concept_id
Maxillary sinusitis

Does your NLP output gives variable-value pairs?
something like
“orientation” - “horizontal”
position - medial