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How to Find a Patient's Most Recent Condition?

Hi all,

Where is the most likely place to find a patient’s most recent condition?
I was looking at both visit_occurrence and condition_occurrence tables and did not know where I should look most often to find this answer.
I saw that in condition_occurrence, the visit_occurrence_id is not required which indicates to me that a condition could be generated without a visit occurrence.
If so, is it accurate to look at the condition_occurrence always to find the most recent condition?

Also, to be clear, I am not looking at condition_era as I am looking for finer time resolution.


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Check the Condition Occurrence table for the most recent condition occurrence record for a person.

Conditions can be diagnosed outside of a Visit. The person has a visit, the provider orders a measurement test, the measurement result comes back a week or two later, and the provider enters a condition into the person’s record after the visit.


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That makes complete sense.
Thanks for the speedy response @MPhilofsky !

You’re welcome, @TheCedarPrince!