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Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR)

(Anna) #1

I went through all categories of disscussions, but never seen any topics about HEOR, is it already a bit slot in observational research of healthcare industry. I am a reasearcher in this realm over a decade and befriending with a large number of professionals like me with various background and experience.

(Christian Reich) #2


Just search for “cost”, and you get it all, in fact there is (maybe was) a whole Workgroup for Cost, Utilization, Economic, Services for this.

(Anna) #3

Thanks for the hint, I probabally missed it in my review on the platform. Seems that the analyses of cost, utilizations, economic and services in the group you mentioned are basically outcome research,.more related data manipulation and programming.

HEOR in my concept can also be spanned wider to include Patient Reported Outcomes, cost-effective model/budget impact model, Systematic literature review/network meta analysis, chart review, adherence, marketing landscaping, epidemiolog and many others. Hopefully we can spread the discussions more extensively arm in arm.

(Christian Reich) #4

No doubt. If you can summon the troops and create solutions for this you will get limelight in the community beyond. Happy to help with that.