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HADES development announcements


(Martijn Schuemie) #1

I’d like to use this thread to make short announcements on new and upcoming releases of HADES packages.

(Martijn Schuemie) #2

ParallelLogger 2.0.1 has been released to CRAN. Probably the most important change is the removal of the XML package dependency. XML was the only HADES dependency requiring R version 4. With this dependency gone, people can still use older R versions for a little while. However, there are nice features in R 4 that I would like to use, so we will be requiring R 4 in the near future.

(Martijn Schuemie) #3

Andromeda 0.4.0 has been released. Most important is a bugfix when using a tilde in file paths. Additionally, this version introduces functions for creating indices to improve performance.

(Martijn Schuemie) #4

Cyclops 3.1.0 has been released to CRAN, with two important updates: First, some bugfixes for likelihood profiling, which we’ll use for combining effect size estimates across the OHDSI network (especially important when there are low or zero counts). Second, adding support for competing risk analyses, which will be integrated into CohortMethod.

(Martijn Schuemie) #6

EvidenceSynthesis 0.1.0 has been released. This introduces a new approach to combining evidence on effect sizes across the OHDSI network, without sharing patient-level data (by sharing non-normal approximations of the per-site likelihood functions).

(Martijn Schuemie) #7

Eunomia 1.0.1 has been released. The only real change is that Eunomia is now in CRAN, which will allow us to move other HADES packages into CRAN, which in the end should make installing the HADES packages a lot easier.

(Martijn Schuemie) #8

EvidenceSynthesis 0.2.0 has been released. Most important change is that the package is now available in CRAN.

(Martijn Schuemie) #9

EvidenceSynthesis 0.2.1 has been released. This release primarily addresses an issue in the CRAN testing infrastructure.

(Martijn Schuemie) #10

Hydra 0.1.1 has been released. This just contains a single patch fixing a problem when hydrating packages while specifying a new package name. It is recommended to use Hydra to generate study packages based on the JSON specifications created in ATLAS. (The Hydra version in ATLAS is not up-to-date, so packages generated by ATLAS itself will not use the latest and greatest of HADES).

(Martijn Schuemie) #11

CohortMethod 4.0.1 has been released. This contains several bugfixes, including better handling of exposure cohorts that become empty somewhere during the analysis. Also by default likelihood profiles are generated which are needed for EvidenceSynthesis.