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Errors accessing WebAPI with little feedback given back

I’m configuring Atlas over an existing WebAPI endpoint and I’m getting code 500 error in the operations involving WebAPI.

while localhost:8080/WebAPI/info and localhost:8080/WebAPI/source/sources give back results (which by the second one I assume the WebAPI database is being accessed), every other WebAPI method I’m trying is giving me code 500 errors, such as:

localhost:8080/WebAPI/XXXXX/person/11111?cohort=0 (an existing person_id on the db)

{“payload”:{“cause”:null,“stackTrace”:[],“localizedMessage”:“An exception occurred: java.lang.RuntimeException”,“message”:“An exception occurred: java.lang.RuntimeException”,“suppressed”:[]},“headers”:{“id”:“29c5d3dc-8d76-6ace-d597-9b4855130a98”,“timestamp”:1640253723140}}


{“payload”:{“cause”:null,“stackTrace”:[],“localizedMessage”:“An exception occurred: javax.ws.rs.NotAllowedException”,“message”:“An exception occurred: javax.ws.rs.NotAllowedException”,“suppressed”:[]},“headers”:{“id”:“2f886ad6-9acf-3ab3-1e00-70fe8ef0b3fc”,“timestamp”:1640258370957}}

On Atlas, I don’t get results from vocabulary search or patient profile (they use methods above internally it seems) I can see Achilles results and some dashboard items, but most of them are quite incomplete

The configuration is also getting an “unknown” vocabulary version, not sure where it’s getting the information from (I’ve specified the vocabulary version in the cdm_source table of the omop cdm)

Any ideas of what’s happening?

Found the problem, vocabulary schema was not correctly referenced. Now that it is, I can make searches in the vocabulary

However, record count is always 0 (even for clinical finding)

I can access data for specific patients in the profile, and they look fine (I’m getting the correct labels for the codes).

I can also see the data source report, and here I have real values

Any ideas on what I can try next?

Restarting and refreshing everything several times eventually showed correct RC values!