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Hi everyone :slight_smile:

I’m trying to map our ECMO patients and am kind of stuck. I have plenty of physical objects that have to go along together since and ECMO consists of filters, cannulas, the pump etc.etc.

Since DEVICE_EXPOSURE doesn’t allow nested relationships - what would be the best way to get everything together nicely? The only way I see right now is to use the FACT_RELATIONSHIP table where I would have to use non-standard concepts (which I assume is bad?).
I also have to map a “stop reason” if anything goes wrong with the ECMO. DRUG_EXPOSURE has the nice stop_reason attribute which is, unfortunately, missing in the DEVICE_EXPOSURE table. Can I propose such a column for an upcoming OMOP version here?

Thank you all for your hard work on improving such a great data model!

(Anna Ostropolets) #2

We tackled ECMO during the COVID-19 hackathon, so you may consider using the cohort definition created there:
As you can see, it mainly includes procedures. Devices would probably require more advance data exploration to see if they capture the patients with ECMO. So I’d start with taking a look at your data to see if you need devices or you are better off with procedures only…
Or if you stick to devices, you can describe your logic with nested criteria to get advice on designing it in Atlas.


Thank you for your reply! Unfortunately the procedures alone won’t cover our idea of mapping ECMO data. Is there a way to reach out to you guys (the CDM dev team) in private with some specific suggestions/questions?

Thanks in advance :slightly_smiling_face: