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Documentation of cost table

Documentation of the COST table in CDM v5.4 is somewhat lacking. There are no user guide descriptions for the various fields.

Found some outdated documentation here which seems to still be fairly accurate so that could be quickly added to the CDM v5.4 documentation fairly easily.

In terms of conventions, would like to suggest that the cost_domain_id be specified as the name of the event table containing the event record with which the cost is associated (e.g. “drug_exposure” instead of domain “drug”)

Hello @cmeister and welcome to the OHDSI community!

Completely agree :slight_smile:

Currently, the OHDSI community is hosting a Collab-a-thon to clean up the CDM and Themis documentation. The Cost table is slated for work starting in a couple of weeks. My first link contains information about the April Olympians Collab-a-thon and a link to sign up. You will learn a lot about the OMOP CDM and conventions by participating in this endeavor.

The Collab-a-thon work is on ratified conventions. All proposed changes to the CDM rules or requirements should start as a CDM GitHub issue and any proposed changes to the conventions on how to insert data in CDM should start as a CDM Themis issue.