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April Olympians Collab-a-thon 2024

Reflecting on the success of Phenotype Phebruary we in the CDM and THEMIS working groups wanted to bring to the community another opportunity to work together to achieve something great. So this year during the month of April we will be hosting the April Olympians Collab-a-thon!

Link to sign up

Over the years as more collaborators have joined the community we have seen a greater need to specify conventions for how data should be mapped to the OMOP CDM. However, not all conventions apply to every type of data and to handle all the caveats we end up with large walls of text on the CDM website.


Goals of the Collab-a-thon

  • Identify all ratified CDM and THEMIS conventions
  • Write clear documentation for each convention
  • Establish a searchable repository for THEMIS conventions
  • Create CDM documentation detailing the expansion modules in use around the community

Ways of working

We have broken the work that needs to be done into three teams: Link to sign up for a team

The Hunters of Artemis

  • On the hunt for ratified conventions
  • Systematically search OHDSI resources by table and field
  • Open github issues sharing critical information for each convention they track down

The Writers of Apollo

  • Will pick up each convention the Hunters find
  • Will systematically document important information about the convention
  • Tag the github issues for the next group

The Builders of Hephaestus

  • Responsible for building the repository
  • Incorporate the information from the writers into a convention in the repository
  • Clean up the CDM website by removing any duplicate information and linking out to the THEMIS repository

The use of teams is intended to break the work into easy pieces so you can give an hour or ten hours and still make a big impact!

If you follow the link to sign up you can indicate your intent to participate and rank your choice of teams!

tagging @MPhilofsky


In addition to the information Clair provided, I want to highlight the educational aspect this opportunity affords participants. Being a member of the collab-a-thon adds to your knowledge base of the OMOP CDM, current rules for populating it, the process for defining the rules, the inner workings of OHDSI work groups, and the use of open source tools to improve our open source community. And each group provides further opportunities to enhance or learn new skills.

The Hunters of Artemis
Recommended for those with an inquisitive mind, love for standardization, or desire to learn the ways of the OMOP CDM. With ~ 60k posts within 16 categories on the OHDSI forums and close to 300 repositories in the OHDSI GitHub, the current documentation is vast and scattered. In this group, you will learn how to effectively and efficiently search current documentation to find information about the CDM.

The Writers of Apollo
Recommended for those wanting to improve OHDSI documentation, who have a love for standardization, or desire to learn the ways of the OMOP CDM. Within the current documentation, clarity and consistency is lacking. Utilizing our template participants will learn the “what” and “how” to effectively write formatted and reproducible documentation with R Markdown.

The Builders of Hephaestus
Recommended for those wanting to create and design a library to house the CDM and Themis documentation for our open source community. Of course, the love for standardization and desire to learn the inner workings of this product add to the fun!

Tagging some friends of OHDSI inspiring the next generation of open source participants @krfeeney @Paul_Nagy @Andrew @Evan_Minty @karthik @PriyaDesai @msuchard @hripcsa @Rijnbeek @mvanzandt and many others if I wasn’t limited in the number of tags. Join the journey!