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Discharge_to_concept_id description vs accepted concepts

This is a quick doubt regarding the definition of discharge_to_concept_id which states

This concept is part of the visit domain and can indicate if a patient was discharged to home or sent to a long-term care facility, for example.

I’m assuming that when it says “discharged to home” is referring to “581476 OMOP4822459 Home Visit” and not to “4140634 306689006 Discharge to home” which is a procedure, right?

Maybe description should be adapted to the actual term? (just to avoid discussions) :slight_smile:

Should not be a Home visit, look here.

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I don’t get it then, description explicitly says discharged to home as an example. Which code should be put in that case if it’s not a Home visit?

Oh, gosh, that is not a good description for the field because the assumption is made a Person will be discharged to home/usual living situation. There is NOT a standard concept_id in the Visit domain for “home”. The “discharge to” should be populated when a Person is discharged to another healthcare providing situation.

See very similar this discussion about admitting_source_concept_id.

@clairblacketer the discharge_to_cocept_id field description should be updated to reflect this.

I’ve added this as a GitHub issue

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I agree, that both fields discharge_to_concept_id and admitted_from_concept_id are not well described at all by any vocabulary within the visit domain. Kindly let us know when the standard changes. Also consideration to ‘born in hospital’ as part of admitted_from_concept_id should be taken into account.

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