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Admitting_source_concept_id when admitted from home

According to visit_occurrence table definition, the field admitting_source_concept_id is used to determine where the patient was admitted from. It is a required field and should be filed by a standard concept in the Visit domain.
Although there is a concept for admission from Ambulance, from Outpatient clinics, and more, I can’t find a concept for visits which were admitted by self-referral (or no referral). This is the common case for ER visits. Which concept is the most appropriate for admitting_source_concept_id?

It’s concept_id=0, @nadavrap. Because a visit concept by definition describes the interaction between a patient and the healthcare system. If there was no such interaction there is no visit concept.

The whole admission/discharge is to understand hand-over between pieces of the healthcare system. Not as some kind of dossier of what the patient did or didn’t do. In observational data, we have no idea anyway, it’s none of our business.

That makes sense. Thank you @Christian_Reich.