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De-standardization of SNOMED concepts

This post follows on the recent discussion on SNOMED overhaul taking place in the Vocabulary WG last Tuesday, slides, recording and meeting notes available in Teams.

As one of the key OHDSI Vocabularies principles is support of OHDSI use case of evidence generation, there is a proposal to de-standardize several SNOMED classes that do not have direct connection with the patient healthcare experience and are no relevant to evidence generation.

Such classes include:

  1. Attribute. Ex.: 385641008 Action status

  2. Location (except countries). Ex.: 224869002 Adult education college

  3. Physical force. Ex.: 285400005 Air pressure

  4. Physical object. Ex.: 70224005 Bicycle

  5. and the most controversial: Social context. Ex.: 9629004 Borderline poverty status

At the most recent meeting we agreed on 1-4 and decided to keep #5 as standard until we introduce something better for social context and SDOH.

I wonder if the Health Equity WG (@Jake) or others has some thoughts on potential targets for SDOH vocabulary.

Upd: linkage assertion remains standard