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Combining AVPU concept with Glasgow coma score answers

Hello all,

I had posted the below question earlier as part of a larger question, but as I got no responses at all, I am posting it now separately.

I have AVPU (Alert Verbal Pain Unresponsive) results.

The only measurement concept I see in Athena is “AVPU - alert voice pain unresponsive scale” from SNOMED. The four values for this measurement are best described by LOINC concepts though, e.g. “Eye opening to verbal command”. Under “Term Connections” for that concept it says “Answer of Glasgow coma score eye opening” (although they partially measure the same things, AVPU and the Glasgow coma score are two different things).

Can I use this combination of SNOMED and LOINC concepts?

Thanks in advance for any help!


PS - I am happy for my original question to be deleted, but I don’t seem to be able to do that myself …

Hi @bertoverduin, for AVPU scale (AVPU Scale - StatPearls - NCBI Bookshelf) you can use maps to “AVPU - alert voice pain unresponsive scale” (Athena) and, for example, these SNOMED concepts as to values: “Mentally alert” (Athena), “Responds to voice” (Athena), “Responds to pain” (Athena) and “Unresponsive” (Athena)

Hello @Mikita_Salavei,

Thanks for your reply! Is there a particular reason why you would prefer to use for example “Responds to voice” (Athena) over “Eye opening to verbal command” (Athena)?


“Responds to voice” may be broader concept than “Eye opening to verbal command” in case if patient will be reacted to voice other than only opening his eyes. But for this scale “Eye opening to verbal command” is also fine concept.