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Cloud Platforms: Getting a Headstart on moving data into OMOP CDM

What do you wish you could get from cloud data platforms to make the OMOP setup process easier?

I was reading this thread where people were sharing their experience and the staffing needed to move EHR data into OMOP: 6 months for an experienced team that’s fully staffed, and >12 months for a person charging uphill alone.

I have the most experience with Snowflake, so here goes:
If you opened up a free trial Snowflake account today, what would help you get started with OMOP? Would you want want instructions on how to run SQL sample code for loading synthetic data?

Would you want to get sample data from the Snowflake Marketplace? Would you want SQL code that would generate a basic Data Vault architecture that mapped synthetic data into OMOP-compliant Views? How far would that get you in planning your own architecture and infrastructure needs?

We know that the process of setting up infrastructure and building ETL is often handled by different people/teams, so I’m trying to understand what would help a new team get the process started on a cloud platform?