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Announcing Snowflake OHDSI Support

Dear OHDSI Community,

We are very pleased to announce Snowflake as a fully supported data platform within the OHDSI ecosystem. With this announcement, community members can download the following tools and begin using them right away with the Snowflake platform. The supported toolset includes:

Snowflake is a highly scalable data platform currently available on AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. In addition to nearly infinite scaling of compute and storage, Snowflake brings a data mesh capability that allows users to share data cross-cloud and around the globe without ever moving it. This has given companies, non-profits, and researchers the ability to dramatically increase their analytical capabilities and accelerate analysis through data collaboration.

Special thanks to IQVIA, which provided initial QA and testing of the new toolset against their vast body of Snowflake data. In collaboration with the Odysseus team, IQVIA tested all of the OHDSI tools and provided feedback on issues for resolution.

Snowflake and Odysseus plan to deploy an exclusive development and testing area for the community to build and contribute new enhancements to the toolset. Details will be shared in a later announcement.

Odysseus will offer services for customers looking for help to deploy OHDSI tools and the OMOP data model within their Snowflake environments, as well as continuing to support Snowflake as an OHDSI-supported platform.

If you are an OHDSI collaborator and need to have a direct access to the Snowflake Sandbox for OHDSI-related development and testing activities, please submit your request here.


@Konstantin_Yaroshove, @gregk, and Mike Johnson, can we get an update on the test server and possibly a timeline for when one will be available for the OHDSI development community? (I do have access to a temporary instance so thanks for that!)

hey @Adam_Black We plan to get it by the end of the April

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