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CDM v6.0 Roadmap

Hi All,

As I discussed on the OHDSI call, here is the CDM v6.0 roadmap:

Aug 2018

  1. Finalize the v6.0 DDL SQL Script
    a. All change currently considered in the release are listed in the Github project
  2. Any additional changes to the CDM structure to be considered need to be in by Aug 24, 2018
    a. These would be smaller changes like changing column names to be more consistent, updating ids to bigint, etc.
    b. Post an issue and if there is consensus they will be added
    c. If need be we can have an off-cycle CDM meeting to discuss
  3. Send to DDL testers by Aug 31, 2018
    a. Forum post requesting testers

Sep 2018 - Oct 2018

  1. Testers run the DDLs/constraints and send feedback by Sep 24, 2018
    a. Beware – I will bug you if I haven’t heard from you!
  2. In the meantime, I will work with the vocabulary team to get concepts created for our new tables and any prior tables from v5 that do not have sufficient vocab support
    a. If you are a proposal owner, even one that has already been incorporated, I may reach out to you for input
  3. Sep 24, 2018 – Oct 5, 2018 I will work on fixing any errors the testers find
  4. Oct 12, 2018 Unveil CDM v6.0 at the Symposium!

Please let me know if you have any questions


How do we get issues into CDM v6, or examine proposed changes? For example, the visit_detail was added to v5.3, but the function of the visit_detail table could have been incorporated into the visit_occurrence table except that it would not be backward compatible. For v6 I would like to confirm that the visit occurrence table is updated so that there is no longer a need for the visit_detail table.


@DTorok if you would like to look at everything going into CDM v6.0 the link above to the Github project has everything that is being considered.

I know there has been a little discussion in the issues about VISIT_DETAIL but to my knowledge there has not been any consensus that the table is going away.


Hi Clair,

I’ve just been having a leaf through the forums about info on CDM v6.0, and found your post here about the roadmap.

I wondered if I could ask your advice?

My colleague Steve has been having a conversation here How to record an inpatient drug infusion? with Christian and others about recording infusions on the drug_exposure table (which would be v helpful for our work in critical care research). The upshot was that adding a unit field to the table might be a feasible solution.

What would be the best way to feed this into the v6.0 roadmap?

P.s. Adding in a related field was mentioned here: DRUG_EXPOSURE conventions but I couldn’t spot anything in the Github. Maybe ineptitude on my part…



The small model changes can be done independently from V6. This is a major overhaul. You can propose adding the field here. You need to submit the use case, the proposed change, and possibly some conventions.


@TCKeen I agree with @Christian_Reich here. If the request were more fleshed out I could see getting it ready for v6.0 but it looks like it is still being nailed down. We are planning a v6.1 at the end of the year to add the oncology tables and I think we could put this drug_exposure rate request in there as well. Feel free to open a Github issue so I can get it on the workgroup schedule.

Thank you @clairblacketer

I think we had informally agreed in the CDM WG to incorporate this in cdm 6.0

Is this something we could pursue?

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We are planning to discuss this at the September CDM meeting. While, if it passes, the fields will not be incorporated into the test DDLs sent out, switching out the domain_id for table_concept_id or table_name would be a straightforward change.

Hi All,

Just wanted to check if there is a similar roadmap or release plan for the OMOP v6.1. I am particularly looking forward to the release of the Oncology Extension Module.