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Broadsea / Atlas - Why are most data source reports empty when using a local data source?

I have successfully configured a local SQL Server data source that generally works correctly. Using the Atlas application, if I select Data Source and then select the report type, most of the reports have no data. The Person report and certain sections of the Dashboard report are the only things that show data. I have loaded data into many of the CDM tables (Person, Visit_occrrence, Condition_occurrence, Measurement, Observation, Care Site, Provider) and so was expecting to see some data in the reports.

I have searched through the container logs, the Github issues, the forum, and the various Webapi tables and can’t find any hint as to what is wrong.

If I use the Eunomia Demo Database as the data source for the reports then all of the reports have data and things look great.

In case it helps anyone else, I stumbled across the SQL used by the different reports that is available at WebAPI/src/main/resources/resources/cdmresults/sql/report at master · OHDSI/WebAPI · GitHub

and I am running each query manually to figure out where the data gaps are.

Hello @BruceKissinger,

Have you populated Observation Period table? Many analysis queries in Achilles perform inner join to Observation Period, so this might be the root cause — this thread describes a similar situation.

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I populated the Observation_Period table and re-ran the Achilles scripts but there was no change.

There are 2 caches in the WebAPI database (note, not CDM’s results schema, but in the WebAPI database):

  • cdm_cache: this table stores record counts to speed up; the RC/DRC columns in vocabulary searches
  • achilles_cache: this table caches the report data in the Data Sources section of Atlas.

It is possible that you cached an empty report. Could you select count(*) from webapi.achilles_cache to see if there are records? If so, you will need to truncate that table (clear the table) so that it will attempt to fetch the report data from the CDM source. This is a known issue with the achilles caching, that if you refresh the underlying report data, you have to manually clear the cache.

Yes - that was the problem. There were 16 records in the achilles_cache table and truncating the table fixed the problem. Thank you so much for the assistance.

Is this an outstanding issue on GitHub, ie. something we can expect a fix for soon?

I think it is this one, and we need to prioritize it, but of course the sooner the better.

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