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Athena interface update - REST interface?

(Ines Reinecke) #1

Since we are using OMOP as a research repository not only for a dedicated study, we are looking for a way to update vocabularies regularly and automated . Are there any plans to provide another interface beside the CSV download e.g. via REST to directly get them into our OMOP environment? Thx. Cheers Ines

(Tim Quinn) #2

I second this motion! My organization and I would also be very interested in a REST interface to Athena, because we also would love regular (i.e., weekly) and automated updates to the vocabulary tables.

(Michael Kallfelz) #3

Hi Ines and Tim, I absolutely understand why you are requesting this.
At this time, Athena does not provide that kind of service and as far as I know a development request for this has not been put on the development roadmap.
How about we go through an exercise to collect the requirements from you (what do you think is necessary to perform your automated vocabulary update? what is your infrastructure that such a process would have to be triggered from?).
With this more specific information we could put together a feature request that would have to be brought to the attention of the OHDSI board for decision.
I am very open to meet for a requirements engineering session!
Cheers ~ Mik

(Melanie Philofsky) #4

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