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Admission and discharge UB-04 code missing from vocabulary

(Qi Yang) #1

(Qi Yang) #2

Currently in the OMOP CDM v6.0 documentation, under Visit Occurrence table section (Page 35 in PDF file), it states as follows:

“discharge_to_concept_id Yes Integer A foreign key to the predefined concept in the Place of Service
Vocabulary reflecting the discharge disposition for a visit.”

I believe this is very confusing and has been raised as a Themis issue by @don-torok (https://github.com/OHDSI/Themis/issues/52). It should be changed to:

Source Concepts are mapped into vocabulary ‘UB04 Pt dis status’ and can then be mapped to standard vocabulary.

(Don Torok) #3

I suggest we change the documentation for Visit Occurrence discharge_to_concept_id to allow concepts from either vocabulary, ‘UB04 Pt dis status’ or ‘CMS Place of Service’.

The allowable values for Visit Detail discharge to concept id may have to be expanded even more if the OHDSI community decides that the discharge to concept id can be used to describe in hospital transfers such as ICU to general hospital bed.

(Christian Reich) #4

@DTorok and @QI_omop :

All of these will be Visit concepts. We have mapped the UB04 uglinesses to them. Will have to fix the documentation.