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2022 OHDSI Workgroup Activities: How Do I Choose?

Hello Fellow Collaborators!

I don’t know about you but I, for one, am super overwhelmed. There’s a WHOLE weekend of workgroup activities at the 2022 OHDSI Global Symposium… HOW do you even choose a session?

I’ve been around the OHDSI block a lot and I don’t know which one to sign up for. I’m sure there’s newcomers who are feeling this way too. I thought I’d start a discussion and give our WG leads an opportunity to pitch why we should sign up for their sessions. :wink: @jweave17 has laid out a great plan for the [2022 US Symposium] Phenotype Development and Evaluation Workgroup activity … but we can’t let the early bird get all the registrations. OK, fine. Actually, he can. But, I’d love to be informed what’s happening in other groups.

(Tagging WG leaders for awareness: @Christian_Reich @jon_duke @DMStep @schuemie @agolozar @clairblacketer @nigehughes @Jake @HuaXu @clairblacketer)

@krfeeney I stole a page out of @jweave17’s book and put together a pitch for why everyone should join the CDM + THEMIS + DQ + Vocab session on Sunday afternoon!

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