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(Philip Quinlan) #405

Hi All.

I am Phil Quinlan from the UK and based at the University of Nottingham. My day job is to run the University’s digital research service. Within that role I am the Director of the UKCRC Tissue Directory and Coordination Centre and an Associate Director in HDR UK. What we are focused on is helping biobanks being discoverable, and a key component to that is the clinical annotations.

I have joined to see if we could just adopt OMOP for the clinical annotations, but also to understand the process for the work in the biobanking world (such as MIABIS) could be integrated into this work. The (re)merging of the biobank data with the clinical domain remains a big challenge and I think OMOP offers a nice method to bring some standardisation.

(Michael Ames) #406

Hey Phil - We’re working in this same space. I’m curious to hear more about the challenges of clinical clinical/genomic data. We might be able to help each other. What do you see as the biggest roadblocks?