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Welcome to OHDSI! - Please introduce yourself

(Selva Muthu Kumaran Sathappan) #384

Hello Everyone,

I am Selva. Recently completed my graduation focused on Machine Learning and joined as a Research Associate in a public health domain. Came to know about this OHDSI community through few of my friends. Looks like I am the one here with little to nil knowledge of OHDSI. Looking forward to learn and collaborate with you people. Require your guidance and support. Thank you.


Congratulations @krfeeney! Exciting news on your new position; we are looking forward to new network studies generating insightful evidence that will change patients’ experiences! As always please reach out if you think I can help in anyway…Congratulations!

(Sarah Seager) #386

Hey fellow IQVIA-n! :wave:

(JD Liddil) #387

New here. Working to map our current data standards to OMAP. New to OMAP. Previously worked in Pharma and SDTM conversion. New job and now a new challenge

(Andreas Weinberger Rosen) #388

Hi everyone,

My name is Andreas Rosen. I’m a MD and PhD student at Zealand University Hospital, Center of Surgical Science, Denmark. Currently our center is implementing the OMOP-CDM, where I’m working with mapping the data from the various Danish national health registries. We’re aim at investigating factors in the perioperative that affects postoperatively morbidity and mortality, along with cancer recurrence.

Kind regards,


(Robert Challem) #389

Rob Challen. PhD researcher at University of Exeter, working with Taunton and Somerset NHS Trust to set up an OMOP repository and facilitating university collaboration. Personal focus on using data from unstructured text.


Hello everyone, I’m Cristinner, born in Anhui Province. Now I’m studied in Fudan University, my major is epidemiology and health statistics, and I will receive my PhD degree after my graduation in June. And I got my masters degree in Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention in 2016. My work focuses on the relationship between health literacy and quality of life and health outcomes among cancer survivors; and the relationship between dietary and chronic diseases. I’m quite interested in data analysis. Looking forward to joining you and contributing where I can. Thanks. Best wishes.

(Todd Price) #391

Hello. My name is Todd Price, PhD and I work in PA as a Senior Decision Support Analyst.

I am looking forward to meeting everyone and getting to know more about the group in terms of resource sharing and understanding between everyone.

My day to day work involves working with data sets from our native systems and helping staff and groups make sense of the trends and information we are seeing.


(Christian Reich) #393

What’s that, Todd?

(Todd Price) #394

Sorry, I forgot this is a global group.

PA = The State of Pennsylvania in the United States.


(Dave Barman) #395

Hello, my name is Dave Barman. I am an information scientist and I have been working in the analytics and data management field since 2003. I have worn many hats during my career, as a developer, infrastructure specialist, business analyst, project manager, data architect, solution architect etc. At the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia I worked as a founding member of the team for enterprise analytics and guided the enterprise through adoption and maturation of analytics. Having ‘been there done that’ for many aspects of EHR data, I am thrilled now to be part of the OHDSI community and want to put my experience to work in advancing the CDM and assisting organizations in adoption. I am working with Odysseus Data Services and thrilled to start on this journey. It is a pleasure to meet everyone.