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Workflow for externally created cohorts and ATLAS

Context: We are an EHDEN data contributor, thus we expect to never create cohort definitions ourselves. We will however have to create slices of our mapped data based on externally created cohort definitions and then share those with others.
So, I know that the main purpose of Atlas is to create the OMOP cohort definitions. I checked out some documentation and a tutorial and - though they are all focused on that purpose instead of what I need - I could glance that an SQL script for slicing the OMOP data down to what is actually necessary seems to be automatically generated at the very end.
Meaning that we do not need Atlas. We can ask the people who ask for our data to give us their SQL script, we run that and then they receive the relevant SQL results.

So, my question now is: Is this correct? I would really like to skip the Atlas installation, because all the documentation for doing it is too technical for me, but I am a bit worried that I am missing some step or something which will cause me to have to do it later anyway.

Sure, that’s a completely valid way to work…if you’re primary role is to be a data provider (and not study designer) then you’d be given the analytic package (and more recently, a Strategus analysis specification) and you’d run the analysis in R on your environment. No Atlas required.