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Why some drug concepts do not have a map to standard?

I noticed some drugs do not have a mapping to standard. For example ‘Oxycontin’ id : 218986. It is a valid concept, it is not deprecated nor updated, however it does not have a ‘Maps to’ relationship, only the following: [‘RxNorm - Source eq’, ‘Brand name of’, ‘Has precise ing’]. Shouldn’t it have a ‘Maps to’ relationship to ‘oxycodone’ id:1124957?


Oxycontin is not a drug, it is a brand name. There are a whole number of drug products sold under this name. You can find them all following the “Brand name of” relationship.

Yes, they all contain oxycodone, but not all brands have a one-to-one relationship to an ingredient. In this case, the relationship is not to oxycodone, but to the precise ingredient oxycodone hydrochloride. There is another precise ingredient oxycodone terephthalate, which also gets metabolized to oxycodone, but that’s not what’s in the oxycontin products.

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Understood. Thank you.

I can not unconditionally recommend this approach (not without knowing the context of your use-case), but there is a way to “retrieve” ingredients from brand names relying on drugs with stable compositions. SQL script from line 90.