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Why same count Person and Records in Atlas cohort generation



Hi, I’m SeHee Oh, ‘OMOP CDM’ beginner in South Korea.

Recently, I have generated Cohort Definition in Atlas with Concept sets “Pheochromocytoma”(records 5,967).

But, the generation results were shown same count about ‘Person’ and ‘Records’ in Atlas cohort generation tab.

I don’t know why was happend to me the issue, cause I did’nt find any errors in console window(using F12).

For reference, my Atlas is 2.6 version and I just setted very simple only using ‘Cohort Entry Events’ in Definition tab.

So, I would like to get some solution or comment from you guys, Thank you.

How to use Atlas to select all patients in a table - Primary Events validation
(Seng Chan You) #2

Please, change ‘limit quality event to earliest event’ to 'all events’
and change ‘cohort exit’ criteria. (from end of continuous observation to fixed duration~)


First, Thank you.
My Atlas cohort definition was setted on your mention,

But, didn’t changed.
We can see the same count ‘Person’ and ‘Records’ in Generation results.

(Chris Knoll) #4

You are still limiting to the earliest event per person for the ‘qualifying events’ (see the second dropdown where it is set to ‘earliest event per person’.


I didn’t know what I should set ‘Inclusion criteria’ despite no any selection.

Now, My cohort generation results can be shown correct count.

Thank you Chris_Knoll, Seng Chan You