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Who is working with UK Biobank?

(Patrick Ryan) #1

I have heard in various conversations that researchers have been working with UK Biobank and did/planned to/want to convert their data instance to the OMOP CDM. Since this is a valuable data resource that can be used by many organizations, it seems a natural opportunity for community collaboration around a common ETL for this data. Does anyone have anything they could share to get this ball rolling?

(ella) #2

This is very exciting to hear ! We are mapping from Cerner Millenium to OMOP, so our ability to help depends on the format/nature of the source data coming from the biobankā€¦ do they use standard vocabularies ? keep us posted !

(Gregory Klebanov) #3

@Patrick_Ryan we do not currently work with UK Biobank data but definitely aware of this resource and would be interested in joining this effort and can contribute resources for both ETL and vocab mappings.

(Kyriakos Schwarz) #5

It would also be interesting for us.