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Which public atlas to use? atlas-demo.ohdsi.org or atlas.ohdsi.org

(Vojtech Huser) #1

For Dream Challenge and network exchange of cohorts (insertCohortIntoPackage methods) , which server should I use?

atlas or atlas-demo?

What is the difference between them?

(Vojtech Huser) #2

one of them seems to have stricter login requirements.

(Christian Reich) #3

@lee_evans: @Vojtech_Huser is right. We should take down the one without the SNOMED click-through.

(Patrick Ryan) #4

No, as we discussed on community call a few weeks ago when I presented on ATLAS 2.7.3 release, OHDSI is hosting multiple instances of ATLAS to support different purposes: 1) demo/sandbox, 2) production sharing, and 3) qa/testing.

atlas-demo.ohdsi.org is the instance for sandbox for everyone in the community to experience ATLAS, without login but also without expectation of provenence of content.

atlas.ohdsi.org is the instance that is security-enabled, and will allow for us to save read-only copies of curated study artifacts (conceptsets, cohorts, analysis designs). Because we currently don’t have a curation process in place, we are not opening this up for everyone to enter content in, but rather we will be putting in ‘locked’ material from finalized/completed OHDSI network studies as requested (and I’ll be the curator until we determine a better process). It is deliberately empty at this point, but I expect as we mature the Phenotype Library, we will be using this more actively.