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Where to place the json object created by DataQualityDashboard

I am quite new to RShiny and DataQualityDashboard so I need to ask some questions related to them:
a) Is RShiny the R package called Shiny https://shiny.rstudio.com ?

b) According to the DataQualityDashboard’s intro:

"… The R package then creates a json object that is read into an RShiny application to view the results "

After that json object is created where should it be placed?

c) Is there any information about how to use that json object with RShiny?


Hello Jose,

The use of rshiny is for launching the result from within RStudio. By launching the shiniyapp from within RStudio you will get the latest one.

You can have the shiny app itself running in a IIS or apache server. In there, you can put the Json you get from launchin DQD. It should replace the “results.json” file already available on shiny app root folder.