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When will Achilles be compatible with OMOP CDM 6.0?

I’ve heard that Achilles is only compatible with older OMOP versions. Can anyone tell me when Achilles will be compatible with OMOP CDM 6.0?

Currently Achilles is compatible with CDM5.4. For technical reasons, Achilles nor the other OHDSI analytic programs will be made compatible with OMOP 6.0. You can try running the 5.4 version against your 6.0 CDM, but not sure what will happen. For sure, existing tools will use the date fields, not the date time fields. If you want full support you should consider implementing CDM5.4, it is not that different from 6.

Small clarification, Achilles is compatible with 5.3 and 5.4. Don is correct that no tools are compatible with 6.0 because that version of the CDM has generally been dropped from support as we reverted to 5.4 as the latest stable version. The common data model working group is discussing what the next version of the CDM will be and when it will be released in coordination with support from the various tools and packages.


To make it more clear: Forget V6.0. We are now using 5.4. The next version will be 6.1.