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When should we see an update to the broadsea-webtools container?

Hello all!

Our organization could really use the audit logging features released for WebAPI last year. However, we’re currently using the Broadsea implementation which does not have the required WebAPI version (it’s 2.9.0 - feature introduced in 2.10.0). Any idea when the container might see an update?

New here, so if I’m stepping in the wrong forum please correct me and I’ll go elsewhere.

@WHannen I will be updating the Broadsea-webtools container later this week.

Many thanks, Lee.

We’ve been checking Docker Hub regularly for the update. Run into any roadblocks, Lee?

Got the notice that it has been updated to v2.11.1. Thank you!

Hey, what about Broadsea v2.0, will that be released soon on github ??