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What version of SNOMED is OMOD database using for coding currently?

And any recommendations of resources for us to learn about this coding system? Many thanks!

Hello, Allison.

You can see the version of any vocabulary in Athena in the download section. For Snomed currently it is 31-Jul-2020, quite outdated, but we are working towards a refresh.
Another way to get the vocabulary version is to query vocabulary table, if you have already CDM vocabularies incorporated in your database.

As for Snomed resources, check official learning resources.

In OHDSI we merge 3 main snomed releases to form OHDSI Snomed: International, UK and US editions. We don’t make any changes in the field of snomed logic, you just need to keep in mind, that OHDSI snomed is slightly different. To learn more OHDSI related facts, better refer to The Book of OHDSI and this forum.

Good luck on your journey!