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What should be filled in the care_site table

(qiongwang) #1

Here is the definition of the care_site table on github:
The CARE_SITE table contains a list of uniquely identified institutional (physical or organizational) units where healthcare delivery is practiced (offices, wards, hospitals, clinics, etc.).

I wonder which care_site_id should be filled in the person table if I fill the care_stie table with the hospital and the wards of the hospital, and I can’t find any proper place_of_service_concept_id for the wards.

(Don Torok) #2

The CDM has a lot of columns that cannot be filled because the information does not exist in your source data. In your case it seems that you want to fill the person’s care site, but you don’t really have a primary care site for the patient defined in the source data. Leave it blank if your source data does not identify a primary care site for a patient. Your data is more likely to define the care site the person visited for treatment, so you can define the care site for a persons visit in the Visit Occurrence table.

(qiongwang) #3

@DTorok Thanks for your replication.
Can you explain the purpose that the PERSON table contains “CARE_SITE_id” and “provider_id” ? What’s the difference between them.To recognise what kind of information of the patient and what kind of studies will need those information.
If I match care_site_id to the hosptial’s name(or ID) of the patients, is it right?
And a provider, is a doctor or a healthcare institution?

(Dmytry Dymshyts) #4

that’s right

it’s a doctor

You can see the definition here:

(Christian Reich) #5

It’s a doctor, or a nurse, or a midwife, or a chiropractor, or a optometrist, or a pharmacist, or an ambulance driver. Anybody who provides a service in a healthcare setting. Even a CIO! :slight_smile:

(qiongwang) #6

Thanks @DTorok @Dymshyts @Christian_Reich .

(Michael Kahn) #7

CIO = Career Is Over…