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What OHDSI tools uses what CDM fields

On the Eurpean syposium @MaximMoinat and @ericaVoss show a table the were building.

It showed for each field in the CDM what OHDSI tools can utilise them.

For example, Atlas cannot utilse person.gender_source_value, etc
(It was better examples than this :slight_smile: )

It this available somewere ??

Hi @Javier! Thanks for asking. We are working on this in the CDM Working Group. It is ready and we have asked the tooling owners to review. I would like to publish this very soon, so stay tuned!

Out of interest: what is your particular use case for using this work? For us there are three main use cases: 1) prioritisation when building a new CDM, 2) guide for CDM extensions, 3) reference for tooling users and developers. Very interested in hearing how this can be useful for others.

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Thanks @MaximMoinat, looking forward to see this table.
Our main use case is prioritisation when building a new CDM.

If a field is not currently accessible by the OHDSI tools and deciding how to populate it is unclear or laborious, we may leave for a future ETL version.

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