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What is the relationship between Vocabulary and CDM? is that data instance and model schema?

Hey,everyone, I am new to OHDSI, this question confused me.

The former is the content of the reference tables (centrally administered), the latter is a model schema you have to use to build an instance. The instance will get data from the vocabularies and your patient data.

Thank you for reply.
So, to implement a instance. First,I need to use ddl.sql to create tables and fields. Then, I need to download vocabulary data from https://athena.ohdsi.org/. and use the sql script to import csv files to database. these vocabulary data need UMLS api key to download. After that, I can import my owen patient data。Am I wrong?

You’re on the right track for sure. If you are familiar with Docker, one of the easier ways to learn the implementation of an instance is through deploying and connecting to Broadsea.

You can also just explore the Broadsea GitHub repo that has a lot of code useful to creating your own implementation. For example, here is [an example of where CPT codes are imported into Postgres] using a bash script (https://github.com/OHDSI/Broadsea/blob/main/omop_vocab/scripts/load_omop_vocab.sh).

No, it doesn’t. However, if you have CPT4 in your download, you need to run the CPT4.jar utility to download the descriptions for CPT4 concepts from the UMLS for license reasons. All other vocabularies you download are ready to be loaded.