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What is the purpose of atlas Profile?

What is the purpose of the atlas Profile - All that they show is the start and end day without any values for lab or observation, procedure, device, etc. I am considering it to use to get patient 360 details but without relevant values, it is of no use.

Am I wrong in considering the profile as patient 360 if yes then what purpose profile section of the atlas served?

@Christian_Reich @Chris_Knoll

It just shows what observations (ie: a CDM event record, not just the stuff in the OBSERVATION table) on a timeline. The purpose for the view is to see all the recorded events for a patient on a timeline, grouped by domain, so that you can see if a person you think belongs to a certain phenotype actually looks like their data woudl present as someone who belongs in the phenotype. It would be nice if any domain-specific information (such as a measurement value) was presented in the UI, but for now it just presents the fact that the observation occurred.