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What is the best way to handle new drugs

My company is in constant need of needing new drugs that just hit the market for dashboard and other things. Often, these drugs when they hit the market are not yet in the Athena vocabularies. What is the best way to handle this? I considered a custom concept_id. However, I really don’t want to do that because it won’t have all the relationships and hierarchies that an OHDSI Athena Vocabulary would have. Thoughts on a best practice?

Hi Nick, do you have these drugs in the data for the dashboard and, if so, care to provide the examples? The semi-annual schedule of vocab releases follows the typical refresh cycle in the community and given a lag in data collection and conversion we do not anticipate seeing new things in the data before the vocab release (Covid being an obvious exception).

Well, specifically, the drug name is TALQUETAMAB. The drug does exists in some vocabularies. But the problem is it not in RxNorm (which is our vocabulary we use for drugs).

RxNorm Extension exists in OMOP as a way to accomodate drugs that are not (yet) in RxNorm. It is compatible in structure, can be used exactly as official RxNorm is, and does contain a standard concept for TALQUETAMAB. You can use it as a mapping target for your source drug concepts.