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What is an ATC 5th level code for combination drugs including as descendats?

I build a cohort in Atlas to find users of drugs decending from the ATC code R01BA52 ( pseudoephedrine, combinations) .

This cohort returned almos all the patients in my database.

I check what drugs R01BA52 code includes as descendats.

It includes ibuprofene which is used by most users.

R01BA52 should include drugs that habe both pseudoephedrine AND ibuprofen (e.g Athena)
but is including drugs that have pseudoephedrine OR ibuprofen (e.g Athena)

What am i missing doing wrong ??

(testing cohort in public atlas https://atlas-demo.ohdsi.org/#/cohortdefinition/1779510)
(@aostropolets ; @abedtash_hamed ; @Christian_Reich )

Don’t look at the ingredients. Those are all ingredients pseudoephedrine can be combined with, and there are a lot of those. It does not mean there are all continued downwards. Only the combinations are in the lower hierarchical levels.

However, there is a bug there. There are combinations not containing pseudoephedrine. Will fix and report.

Thanks @Christian_Reich :+1: