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WG#3 CDM構築 (ETL engineering & conventions for Japanese source data)

(Tatsuo HIRAMATSU) #1


  • 各施設でのOMOP-CDMの構築へむけて
  • 技術的なことだけでなく、組織内でどう話を持っていくかも含めて
  • Source Dataを持っている施設の方+CDM構築者(受託者)

(泉晃) #2


日本のレセプトの点数は、本来的にはStandardized health economicsのCostに入ってくる形でしょうか?

(Tatsuo HIRAMATSU) #3


(Seng Chan You) #4

Korea has nation-wide insurance system. When we converted national insurance claim database into OMOP-CDM, we used total_charge, total_cost, total_paid (in our case, total_charge = total_paid), paid_by_payer (cost paid by the insurance), and paid_by_patient (cost paid by the patient).
Even though OMOP-CDM has comprehensive cost table, we’ve not had any use-case for it.

We released the code and the document for ETL (https://github.com/OHDSI/ETL---Korean-NSC). But sorry, it’s in Korean.

(Tatsuo HIRAMATSU) #5

Thank you, Chan!

Since recent Excel has a translator, we can understand it even in Korean.

Points to consider at Japanese claims ETL are;

  • The Japanese claims has a structure where the cost of each item is omitted, so the empty fields needs to be supplemented.
  • Currently we do not put items that are not medically meaningful into the clinical data tables even if those items have costs.

We will toss around various things based on the assumed use cases.

(泉晃) #6

Thank you very much Chan! (English version is below)


  1. コストテーブル(Standardized health economics)を作成しそこにコストを集約する
  2. プロシージャやドラッグや機材等、一対一結び付いている点数についてはそれぞれレコードを作成しcost_event_idで結びつける
  3. 合計点数レコードを作成し別途レセプトIDで紐づける


I’m sorry it’s been a long time, but I would like to move forward with specific considerations on how to include costs in Japanese receipt.

As Professor Hiramatsu has pointed out, the Japanese receipt does not only have a one-to-one relationship between procedure and the medical points (cost), so how about implementing the following as an initial idea?
1.Create a cost table (standardized health economics) and aggregate costs into it.
2.For procedures, drags, equipment, etc., the number of points that are connected one-to-one is
made a record and connected by cost_event_id.
3.Create a total score record and link it with a separate receipt ID.

I don’t know much about the contents and handling of receipt and OMOP, so I would be very grateful if you could give me some advice!