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Welcome to OHDSI! - Please introduce yourself

(Mark Shapiro) #608

Hi, Gunther.

What’s your email, mine is mshapiro@xcures.com. Would love to connect and discuss.


(Andrew S. Kanter, MD MPH FACMI FAMIA) #609

Gunther, as someone who has been working with OpenMRS in many of the most underserved areas of the globe, I would also be interested in your perspective. We are trying to coordinate at the point-of-care with organizations like AMPATH, PIH, MSF, etc. Direct links with the field using applications like ODK and CommCare and backend reporting with DHIS2. Have you checked openmrs.org out?

(Gunther Schadow) #610

Hi Mark, it’s gunther.schadow@gmail.com.

(Gunther Schadow) #611

Hi Andy, ha, do you know Paul Biondic then? And Burke Mamlin? I’ve been in Kenya once where Burke’s dad had the Hospital, AMPATH or what it was.

I am actually not that much interested in the informatics right here. I joined here because of this 4-day CoViD19 trial marathon, it seemed like this group here was the farthest along with stepping up the pace of doing fast trials with rapid data and instant results.

My friend Atif will also join in a moment, he wanted to run some trials on HCQ+Azm and anything he could really. Perhaps ivermectin he could do. Now, if you have connections to Kenya still, or whatever Tanzania, Uganda, wherever in Africa, then you could possibly push Ivermectin trial, because there they are used to high dose in conjunction with Malaria treatment. There is a unique research opportunity in Africa because they seem to have so few cases, which could be because of chloroquine or other anti-malarials and also ivermectine. I think someone should definitely work Africa!

(Yuri Korin) #612

Hi, all.
My name is Yuri Korin, I am a physician, first-year internal medicine resident at Saint-Petersburg State Univeristy, Russia and medical analyst at Odysseus Data Services.
I would like to participate in research studies on almost all fields of internal medicine, especially in the fields of comparative effectiveness and safety of drugs commonly prescribed in primary care, thrombotic events and thromboprophylaxis in cancer and rheumatological patients, preventive cardiology, cardiac side effects of cancer therapy.
I have some Python and CDM experience.

(Neena Modi) #613

Hello, I’m an academic neonatologist in the UK. I lead the UK National Neonatal Research Database (NNRD). This contains detailed clinical information on all babies admitted to neonatal units in England, Wales and Scotland. The NNRD is a national resource, used for a very wide range of clinical, health services, epidemiological and policy research, as well as supporting clinical audit, bench-marking and quality improvement. In effect it’s a one-stop shop for health data on sick and preterm babies. I would love to link up with others involved in perinatal data.

(Lili Zhao) #614

I am Lili Zhao. I am a research associate professor in Biostatistics department, University of Michigan. I am working on EHR data and claims data. I am happy to join the big group that work on similar problems.

(Jamie Gilbert) #615

Hi Everyone,
I’m James Gilbert (also known as jamie or jpeg), I’ve recently joined @Patrick_Ryan and his group at Janssen R&D. I’ll be looking at building software tools to help understand the unintended consequences of medications applied to the CDM as well as other wider applications within the OHDSI community.

This is my first venture into epidemiology, being a computer scientist by training studying and Loughborough University, before completing my PhD at the University of Nottingham in computational systems biology. Following this I moved in to the Synthetic Biology Research Centre, also at Nottingham, to study a post doc using models to understand and control the metabolism of bacteria. Here I had a big focus on the FAIR research guidelines, and looked at approaches to make research more reproducible by building standardised testing tools for genome-scale metabolic models.

I have a lot of background in programming and can work with SQL in various database environments with skills in Python, R, C++ and Java (amongst others).

I’m currently, working remotely from Canada where I’ve been taking a sabbatical that has been extended a bit (due to the ongoing crisis) but I plan on moving back to the UK in the near future. I have always been a big advocate for open source and open science solutions and I look forward to working closely with OHDSI community.

(Preston Wilson) #616

Hi, I’m a software developer that is consulting with a small medical data company that is looking to make use of the OMOP CDM.

I started out my development career working for the Northeast Health District in Athens, GA, where we developed a point of service medical records application for the county health departments under our district. Besides developing the front end application, we also made extensive use of S [1] to analyze the collected data and to produce reports that we submitted to the state of Georgia (U.S.). I left that job to attend graduate school at Purdue University, where I receive MS in CS. Since then the bulk of my work has been in networking and distributed systems, but also includes a number of years developing hardware, firmware, and software used to measure and collect specific medical data.

I am most familiar and comfortable with C, C++, Python, and bash (really Unix/Linux shell scripts), but I have used a wide range of other programming languages over the years.

I look forward learning from the community, and hopefully I can help others out as well.

[1] This dates me as this was well before R was introduced.

(Teddy Si Youn) #617

Hello everyone,

My name is Teddy Youn, and I am an academic stroke neurologist and neurocritical care intensivist, interested in big data research and medical informatics, related to acute/emergent neurological outcomes as well as neurological rehabilitation and recovery. Look forward to learning more about OHDSI and how to do research with you all.

Teddy Si Youn, MD
Stroke Neurologist, Critical Care Neurointensivist
Stroke Researcher
Barrow Neurological Institute
240 W. Thomas Road
Suite 403
Phoenix, AZ 85013
(e) teddy.youn@barrowneuro.org

(Mathilde Fruchart) #618

Hi all,

My name is Mathilde Fruchart. I am a master student at Lille University in France. I am studying health data science with an interest in data analytics and machine learning.
I learn Python, R and SQL. I am interested in the use of machine learning and data science in order to improve patient care in the hospital.

Currently I am on an internship with a research team from the intensive care unit of Lille University Hospital in France. Within the team we are developing an algorithm allowing automatic detection of time series containing measurements outside a predefined threshold.
This algorithm will be developed in an R package and generalized to different types of studies such as anesthesia, psychiatry (for instance, in biology, blood sugar can be assessed on a time scale to detect periods of hypoglycemia for a diabetic patient).

I would like to learn more about data analysis and performing using OHDSI tools. I would appreciate recommendations and indications from the community to help the progress of this project !!

(Xiaoqian Jiang) #619

Hello everyone,

My name is Xiaoqian Jiang, I am a faculty at School of Biomedical Informatics in the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston. My research area is health privacy and predictive models for biomedical data. We work on enabling data sharing with security and privacy-protection algorithms. Data standardization and privacy protection are two pillars to support healthcare data portability. I am thrilled to join the OHDSI community and link OMOP to secure federated learning to accelerate research. We are establishing an international COVID consortium in collaboration with OHDSI, please take a look at our website: https://securecovidresearch.org


(Kieran Mace) #620

Hey all!

My name is Kieran, and I’m the data science manager at PicnicHealth, a RWD startup in the bay area.

We collect medical records, and digitize them into an OHDSI/OMOP vocab and cdm.

Excited to learn more from you!


(Lauren Wiener) #621

Hello everyone!

My name is Lauren, and I’m a clinical data scientist at PicnicHealth. PicnicHealth collects real world data from medical records, and we structure our data using the OMOP data model. Looking forward to learning more about OHDSI with you all!


(Victor Banda) #622

Hello everyone,
I am Victor Banda, a health data analyst with Imperial College London. I manage the National Neonatal Research database and support various research studies tapping data from it to answer neonatal research questions. Looking forward to learning more about OHDSI.


Dear OHDSI Colleagues,

My name is Jean-Pierre (JP) Hubaux, I’m a faculty member at EPFL/CS in Switzerland. My research is on security and privacy, and we apply our research results to health data protection. I’m also co-chairing the Data Security Work Stream of the Global Alliance for Genomics and Health (GA4GH). With Xiaoqian Jiang (UT Health), we have set up an international consortium in collaboration with OHDSI, please check https://securecovidresearch.org .

Co-workers in my team include Dr. Juan Troncoso-Pastoriza and Dr. Francesco Marino. We also collaborate with Dr. Jean Louis (JL) Raisaro of the Lausanne University Hospital. They will introduce themselves separately.
We are thrilled to join the OHDSI community and look forward to provide our help, notably on the data protection/access control aspects. More about me: https://people.epfl.ch/jean-pierre.hubaux?lang=en

(Francesco Marino) #624

Hello everyone!

My name is Francesco Marino, I am a software engineer at EPFL working with @JPHubaux on security and privacy in the health domain. I am actively involved in the activities of the GA4GH Data Security Work Stream and in the development of MedCo, the software package which is at the core of the efforts of Secure Collective COVID-19 Research, the consortium already mentioned by JP.

We look forward to collaborate with you to raise awareness about the data protection topic in the OHDSI community!

(Matthew Scotch) #625

Matthew Scotch here. Associate Professor of Biomedical Informatics at Arizona State University. My background is in molecular and genomic epidemiology and using phylodynamics to study the evolution and spread of RNA viruses for public health surveillance. I focus a lot on flu but, like many others, have spent a lot of time on SARS-CoV-2.

For this group, I am interested in how we can add virus genetics (DNA sequence of the patient’s pathogen) to the EHR and aid in personalized decision making for patient infections.
Regards, Matthew

(Mary Ejiwale) #626

I am a PhD student in the Biomedical and Health Informatics program of the University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee. I started my career as a Registered Nurse and a Registered Midwife, before diversifying into the world of computing and health informatics. I can’t forget the good feeling that came with running my first successfully-written code; sure you know what that is- “Hello World”:slight_smile: Anyway, merging these dexterities get me motivated as I try to leverage my few skills to better serve humanity. This quest led me to be part of a COVID-19 international project. As a matter of fact, I actually got to know about OHDSI in our “hunt” for individual-level COVID-19 dataset (still hunting:)). I’m open to sharing and learning from others as I go. Thanks for putting this forum and the ODHSI organization together!
Let me stop here, some assignments are waiting on me :slight_smile: (The life of a PhD student)

(Kristin Kostka, MPH) #627

Welcome to ALL of you (@Nael @gschadow @Yuri @nmodi @zhaolili @jpegilbert @Preston @tsyoun @MathildeFruchart @lauren @kmace @victorb @JPHubaux @fmarino @Matthew_Scotch @mee)!! You’ve picked an incredible time to Join the Journey.

If you have noticed, we have moved our community calls to Zoom: New Details to Join OHDSI community Calls. Make sure to add this to your calendar. (And get your Zoom backgrounds ready! :wink: )

The community is so excited to be able to respond to these important public health challenges. The COVID activity, as in all places, is fast and furious. If you’re interested, take a spin through this update page and reach out to me if you have any topics you’re passionate about: https://www.ohdsi.org/covid-19-updates/

In the short order, have you looked at the Book of OHDSI (book.ohdsi.org)? This is a great place to learn about some of the jargon we throw around here (PLE, PLP, New User Cohorts, ATLAS, CDM,Vocabualaries).

You can also find our old recorded tutorials here: https://www.ohdsi.org/past-events/
@Rijnbeek and team recently launched the EHDEN Academy: https://academy.ehden.eu/course/index.php
^ This is a phenomenal new resource that helps talk through topics like Extract, Transform and Load processes for CDM conversions, Infrastructures, and the Analytics.

We can’t wait to have you all engaged in your niches within the community!!

And special shout out to:
@Hilda, hello my longtime friend!! I am so excited to do more research with you. :slight_smile:
@Xiaoqian_Jiang - it’s nice to see you here! We know you are doing great work in the NCATs community for OHDSI. Thank you for all you do!

P.S. If you need anything, email me at kostka[at]ohdsi.org. I will do my best to connect you to the right folks!!