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Welcome to OHDSI! - Please introduce yourself

(Ifeanyi Agwulonu) #364

I am Ifeanyi Agwulonu. A resident doctor in orthopaedic surgery. I love research and I’d love to contribute as much as I can to the body of medical knowledge in my lifetime.
I am mandated to carry out a research study as part of my dissertation for my residency program. I don’t have trained researchers around me. I have difficulty getting answers to my questions.
Record keeping in my settings of work is poor and that has a negative impact on data collection. We have an EHR in my hospital, and only 1% of the hospital staff know it exists, and less than that know what it is and how it works.
There is an unquenchable hunger to expand my horizon in the area of research. I’d like to collaborate with other researchers, learn and contribute as the need arises.
Thank you

(Steven Bagley) #365

Hi everyone,
I’m Steve Bagley, a senior research staff member in Nigam Shah’s lab at Stanford. I am working to facilitate current and future collaborations with our lab. By training I’m a computer scientist and an MD. I’ve done work in health services, clinical epidemiology, and biomedical informatics. I look forward to meeting other OHDSI participants on calls and in person.

(Shinyoung Ju) #366

Hi Everyone!

I am Mariana Ju with Master of Science in Public Health degree, focusing on data analysis as well as epidemiology and I am currently working at Bayer as a data analyst from Real World Evidence Strategy and Outcomes Data Generations team. I am new to OHDSI, and would like to learn more about the community as well as the tools this community has. Very interesting to see great discussions going on around here. Would love to meet new experts/scientists through this platform.


(Anastasios Siapos) #367

Hi all,

My name is Anastasios Siapos and I am a data scientist at IQVIA in Brighton, UK. My background is in engineering and applied mathematics and I am really interested in the field of real-world health data and analytics. My current job is to assist the Remote Studies team to perform network studies using OMOP CDM and the OHDSI tool ecosystem. Therefore, I would really like to contribute to the OHDSI community and become an active member in any workgroup that needs participants. As a first step I have become member in the Gold Standard Phenotype Library Workgroup and I look forward to collaborating with you all.

Kind regards,

(Shawn Dolley) #368

Hi Jeff. Wondering if I can ping you. Had some questions about adaptive trials and CRO’s.
Shawn Dolley

(Miao) #369

Hello everyone,

This is Miao Chen, a data scientist from the informatics department of Covance, a CRO company. My academic background is in natural language processing, data mining, etc. I am working on natural language processing projects on clinical protocols in Covance which can involve use of the OMOP data model. I look forward to learning from the community and contributing to it!

(Patrick Young) #370


My name is Patrick Young. I am a Data Scientist with the Yale Center for Outcomes Research and Evaluation, Center for Computational Health. I have worked with QDM, PCORnet, and FHIR. We are planning to implement OMOP at YNHH.

(Simone) #371

Hi everyone,

I’m Simone Werner, Real World Data Analyst at Bayer. I have a background in epidemiology and expertise in doing analyses for observational research studies. I’m looking forward to learning from the OHDSI community and hopefully also contributing to it soon!

(Sep) #372

Hi! My name is Sep Dadsetan and my interest is to learn more about OHDSI, its tools, philosophy, and to find ways I can contribute to the community through software (also open to other things).

I have my PhD in molecular physiology and I’m also a data scientist working with Real World Data (RWD). As I hope any analyst/data scientist knows, quality data is at the heart of any project hence my attraction to this community :slight_smile: :heart:

(Shinyoung Ju) #373

Nice to meet another RWD analyst here! I always seek for the optimal ways to enhance the quality of the real world data, and agree with you that the quality data is one of the most important factors for making research projects more valuable.

(Matthew Gray) #374

Hello everyone! I am Matthew Gray, a PhD student in Pharmaceutical Policy and Outcomes Research at the University of Pittsburgh. I am very excited to begin working with OHDSI and exploring its tools to help with my interests in medication safety, bioinformatics, and helping to standardize the multiple data sources that I work with.

(Pat Carroll) #375

Good evening here from snowy Connecticut. I am a former clinical trauma nurse, medical writer and board-certified in nursing professional development. I design online professional education and worth with medical companies on new product development. My MS is in instructional Technology, but it was in the department of Library Science, so I am big on data searches and navigating reference materials.

I am working on a project now that is about diagnostic tests for a given list of diseases and ultimately, the owners want to integrate this into electronic medical records. I am the only one on the team who is thinking of standardized terminology. Can anyone tell me what nomenclature would most seamlessly integrate into U.S. EMR? I am thinking SNOMED. I have been using CPT codes, simply because physicians would be familiar, and it gives me a level of standardization.

But now I am thinking I need to learn more and consult you experts.

I don’t know what i can contribute as a newbie, but I can review teaching tools and let you know if they make sense to someone who needs to learn a lot! :slight_smile:

Best regards,

(Ed) #376

Hi all, I am Ed Burn an epidemiologist and health economist based at the Centre for Statistics in Medicine at the University of Oxford. I am (hopefully!) close to finishing my PhD here which focuses on using real world data (primary care linked to hospital records) to assess patient heterogeneity in knee and hip replacement. I was fortunate enough to be a participant at the Oxford OHDSI-EHDEN studyathon in December 2018, and I’m looking forward to attending the upcoming OHDSI symposium in Rotterdam and becoming more involved in the community as time goes on.

(John Frias Morales, DrBA, MS) #377

I manage informatics for Kaiser Permanente in the Central Valley (California), with a special focus on hospital finance and utilization. My interest is in prognostics for high risk and complex patients. Over the next year I’m focused on creating a data-driven protocol for our extensivist service bundle (social worker, medication therapy management, adherence coaching, chronic conditions management, discharge transition follow up, cardiac rehab). I use Oracle SQL Developer, Tableau, SPSS and R.

I’d love to help with supporting the annual symposium. Super happy I’ve found this great community.

(Johnny Sams) #378

Hi, Everyone,

I am Johnny Sams, Research Data Manager for the School of Nursing at Case Western Reserve University. I provide consultation to faculty and students on data management. In the interest of exploring the potential utility of OHDSI and its associated resources (ATLAS and ATHENA), I am joining the forum here. I recently attended a seminar as an introduction to OHDSI and have a few follow up questions for anyone that can help. This will help solidify my understanding this new material and inform my decision on how to proceed:

  • Is there a fee for membership in ODHSI and receipt of any its services?

  • We worked with a training version of ATLAS at the seminar. Are analytics in the live version of ATLAS based on live hospital, EMR data?

  • Are any of the data from community-based, non-hospital settings?

  • Is there an external platform that these data are drawn from (e.g. specific EMR systems)?

  • Who supplies these data?

Thank You,


(Preeti Premraj) #379

I am Dr.Preeti Premraj, from Bangalore - India. I am a physician by education along with a Genomic Data Specialization. Have been in the healthcare/life sciences IT industry for the past 18 years with experience working with provider, payer, medical devices, pharmaceutical , connected health , digital pathology and mobile health space, Govt of India . Currently I am working with ZS associates as a decision analytics manager. I have experience working with EMR, APLIS, LIS, RIS, HL7, FHIR, DICOM, CDISC, ANSI 5010, CDA, FASTA, FASTQ , BAM, BRIDG, SAM, CDA , ICD-10, SNOMED, LOINC, CPT data standards and formats. Looking forward to join this great community forum and exciting times ahead.

(Christian Reich) #380

No fees, and no service. Only a community of like-minded collaborators.

Yes, you need real data in OMOP CDM, and ATLAS can work with that. Ping @benomark.

(Kristin Kostka, MPH) #381

Bit of a long time listener, first time calling in. :wink:

I’m Kristin Kostka. I’m an epidemiologist by training and self-proclaimed OHDSI groupie since 2015. As of today, I am the Head of the US Remote Study Network working under @Christian_Reich with the ever talented folks at IQVIA (@mvanzandt @sseager @areckard @MNairn to name a few). My job is to help enable more network research using US sites and ultimately contribute to more evidence generation on the whole. Pumped to take on this new challenge and work with you all in this new capacity!

(Gregory Klebanov) #382

Kristin - welcome (again) to OHDSI! :slight_smile: And congrats on your new role at IQVIA!!

(Seng Chan You) #383

Congratulation, @krfeeney! :slight_smile: