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Welcome to OHDSI! - Please introduce yourself

(Travis Gerke) #344

Hi all,

I’m Travis Gerke, a cancer epidemiologist and biostatistician at Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, FL. In addition to my faculty role with research interests in integrative molecular epidemiology and prognostic modeling, I also serve as Scientific Director of Moffitt’s Collaborate Data Services Core, an institutional shared resource that acts as a gateway to the cancer center’s data assets via provisioning and study design consultation.

I and my research group conduct R development as part of several research projects, and are huge proponents of open data practices. I’m beyond excited to have stumbled on OHDSI and am excited to learn more.


(Kevin J Land MD) #345

HI all,

I am Kevin Land, a Transfusion Medicine and Cellular Therapy Physician at Vitalant a national blood center. I am involved with many different data collecting projects on the donor and recipient sides of blood and cellular therapy through my roles as chair of the International Society of Blood Transfusion’s Working Party on Haemovigilance and board member of the International Haemovigilance Network. Recently, various organizations within the blood/cell therapy world are considering the need for standardized vocabulary and are beginning to develop multiorganizational groups to address this need. FDA advisors have pointed us to the OMOP CDM as a potential final place to house our donor and recipient vocabularies. Like many others, I am very interested in learning more about OHDSI. Best - Kevin

(Alberto Gil Jimenez) #346

Hi all,
I am Alberto Gil, and I am currently working as a Bioinformatician at The Hyve, an IT startup in which we leverage open-source solutions for Life and Health sciences. I am working in a team in which we develop and implement solutions to exploit the most of real world data based on the OMOP CDM and OHDSI tools (https://thehyve.nl/solutions/ohdsi/).

Looking forward to learn and provide great input to the community!

(Antoine Lamer) #347


I am Antoine Lamer from the University Hospital of Lille. I am an IT Engineer and I am working on the PAERPA Project - Health Pathway of Seniors for Preserved Autonomy (PAERPA – Persones Âgées En Risque de Perte d’Autonomie)

PAERPA aims to improve quality of care, prevent loss of autonomy, and reduce hospital use among the frail elderly through various internal activities aimed at improving collaboration between local health and social service providers. The program has three distinct initiatives:

  • Preventive actions against the risk of depression, malnutrition, polypharmacy or falls (including training providers on how to locate therapeutic services)

  • Actions improving links between professionals, including implementation of mobile teams, telemedicine, night nurses in retirement homes, respite stays for caregivers, and frailty screenings in hospital

  • Coordination actions, including a unique information platform, personalized health plan and digital tools. The personalized health plan innovation, created for the program by Haute Autorité de Santé (HAS), is a new type of funding innovation that provides an assessment of a patient’s health and social care needs. A GP, along with a nurse, pharmacist or a physiotherapist, perform the intake for a split fee. The Territorial Coordination Support system (TCS) is an integrated information platform (accessible via a single phone number) that provides information to patients, families and health and social service professionals about the available services available.

I will help the community in providing specifications for implementation of French National Health Insurance data into OMOP. In a second step, we intend to run studies with OHDSI R Packages on our database.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank OHDSI community for the support through the forum, documentations and wikis. This is a really exciting project.


(Dawson Eliasen) #348

Hello everyone,

My name is Dawson Eliasen, and I’m working with the Colorado State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital to build our instance of the CDM. I’m in my second year of undergrad majoring in data science. Excited to be a part of this lovely community!

(Melissa Roberts) #349

Hello everyone,

My name is Melissa Roberts, I am an assistant professor in the College of Pharmacy at University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM. More information about me is on my profile.

It is going to take me some time to catch up to all of you with what has been going on with OHDSI over the past 3+ years, but I hope to get up to speed soon. (though I am afraid that I may not be able to join the community call until March as before that I will be teaching at that day/time) Very excited about this group though and eager to contribute.


(Gongcheng Tang) #350

Hello everyone ,
My name is Gongcheng Tang , I am a bioinformatics engineer, currently working in a biotechnology company, mainly engaged in genetic testing, and my main direction is prenatal diagnosis and targeted drug for tumor chemotherapy.I am keen on artificial intelligence, data mining and precision medicine.I’m very happy to join this community.

(Theresa Walunas) #351


My name is Theresa Walunas and I am an assistant professor at Northwestern University. I’m a bench trained immunologist and informaticist with a little bit of genomics and implementation science thrown in for good measure. My big picture interests involve improving health outcomes for people with autoimmune disease using medical records as a foundation for intersecting genetic and environmental data.

I joined this community because I am currently working on a computational phenotype to identify people with systemic lupus erythematosus based on clinical classification criteria that we hope will help us not only identify people with lupus in medical records but also help us better understand subpopulations of people with lupus who have similar disease profiles. Lupus is a rare disease and our team is currently porting the phenotype to the OMOP CDM as a way to help make the phenotype more portable and more accessible.

Looking forward to learning from this community and would welcome the opportunity to connect with anyone else interested in this space!


(Kelly Speth) #352


My name is Kelly Speth and I am a doctoral student in Biostatistics at the University of Michigan (expected graduation end-2020 or early-2021). I am doing my research in the area of dynamic treatment regimes (DTR) with observational data under the direction of Dr. Lu Wang. Currently I am working on extending methods that have been developed for DTR estimation using tree-based reinforcement learning methods.

I am very impressed by the the OHDSI organization and would like to get involved–perhaps in the population-level estimation or the patient-level prediction working groups.

Thanks for having me!


(Cristiano Moura) #353

Hello, my name is Cristiano Moura, I’m a research associate at McGill University in Montreal, Canada. I’m a pharmacist with PhD in epidemiology. I’ve been working on using large databases in Comparative Effectiveness and Safety Research. Over the past 10 years, I’ve conducted my research in a variety of areas including rheumatic diseases, diabetes, hypertension.
I’m looking forward to contributing to the community.
Best regards

(Jin-Wook Kim) #354

Hi everyone,
My name is Jin-Wook Kim at Seoul National University Bundang Hospital, South Korea. I am a physician taking care of patients with liver disease.
I heard of OHDSI just a couple of hrs ago and realized this is the thing I would like to endeavor for my research which includes prognostication of liver cancer and pharmacogenetics in liver disease patients.
Hope to contribute!


(Adrien Coulet) #355

thank you for developing this nice open community.

My name is Adrien Coulet, and I am researcher in biomedical informatics currently co-affiliated with the Loria (CNRS, Inria, University of Lorraine) in Nancy, France and with the Shah Lab in Stanford.
My interests are in outcome predictions from patient historical data.
I am currently learning a lot about this and OHDSI tools at @nigam 's lab and
I am particularly interested in following the OHDSI discussions about Patient Level Prediction and OHDSI Europe.
Look forward to interact with you all!

(Helen Ying HE) #356

Thank you very much for developing such an amazing open community-I really enjoy the atmosphere in OHDSI as there are so many open-minded enthusiastic data scientists from different research areas: like Patrick said, “How would you only say it is nice?! It is bloody awesome!” Haha.
My name is Helen, Ying HE, and I am currently a postdocotoral researcher in NDORMS, CSM at University of Oxford, from Prof. Dani Prieto’s research team. My research interests are device safety studies, pharmacoepidmiology studies, health economics, and personally I have a passion in mental health, and potential future exploration in pharmacogenetics as well.
I am looking forward to engage more in OHDSI and learn more from you all and also contribute as I can!
Last but not the least, Merry Christmas and Happy new year 2019! May all of you a happy, healthy and successful and prosperous new year (In Chinese New Year it is the Pig year- which means always happy, eat much, and no worries! haha)!

(Fei Han) #357


My name is Fei Han, a data scientist from The Hilltop Institute. My job is to help
our clients analyze observational data to answer questions about the effects of policy intervention, develop predictive model for a varieties of health outcomes. At Hilltop, we have many different
claim level observational datasets (Medicaid and Medicare administrative claims,
electronic health records, state surveys, clinical registries), and our
strategy for achieving our mission is to transform these databases to actionable model for the policy makers, and care providers. Adopting OMOP common data model and OHDSI’s open-source tools is a foundation for our data-driven process.

In terms of how I’d like to help the OHDSI community: I really like to
design novel analytical solutions. I have strong background in statistical modeling and programming(in terms owning BS, MS and PhD degrees in math and stat). I have skills in hacking SQL and Python/R.

Best regards,

(Lucie Gattepaille) #358

Hi everyone!

I am Lucie Gattepaille, a data scientist at the Uppsala Monitoring Centre. We’ve been recently honored to receive @Patrick_Ryan (a very active and driven member of this community, that you probably all already know) and get him to participate with his unique vantage point in one of our routine sprint for detection of safety signals in VigiBase (the WHO global database of Individual Case Safety Reports, that UMC manages). Patrick has been able to demonstrate the tremendous usefulness of OHDSI for investigating additional evidence in support or against the potential signals that our own signal detection methods produce. I have been greatly inspired by his presentation of OHDSI, the community, the tools, the datasets and all what OHDSI is trying to achieve.

I do not know yet how I can contribute to the community, I need to first get acquainted with the community and its numerous activities, but I believe that, as a data scientist working with the biggest database of individual case safety reports, I can probably provide some specific insights or provide additional evidence towards answering medicine safety questions that some of you might be interested in.

Technical-wise, SQL, Python and R are my daily tools. I have a PhD in population genetics, where I developed mathematical models to study Human evolution with the use of DNA data from modern samples or ancient remains, and master degree in Computer Science and applied Maths. I have fallen in love with Machine Learning, much more recently than I would wish, and I particularly like to mine for information in messy text.

I live in Sweden, have 2 lively boys (4 and 2 yo) and my most loved hobby is probably playing board games. I am not much of an outdoors person in general and I must admit that most of my days are spent in front of a screen… But I just recently bought a yearly gym card, so maybe there is hope for me :slight_smile:

Looking forward to meet you all!

(Ryan Kilpatrick) #359

HI all, I’m Ryan Kilpatrick and I’m an epidemiologist currently leading the Epidemiology group at AbbVie. I’m looking forward to participating in the community as I’ve been an active user of the intellectual products of OMOP and OHDSI for quite some time (e.g. the CDM, open source software, etc). I think this effort has been extremely successful in breaking down barriers to focus on solutions that benefit all of us in the epi and data science community. The future seems clearly pointed toward transparency, pre-competitive partnerships and working across disciplines; all of which seem to be aligned with the OHDSI mission. I’m looking forward to seeing how this work can extend to Europe (via EHDEN and other efforts).

(Zachary Banov) #360

Hello everyone,

My name is Zach Banov. I’m a graduate student at Duke University, studying science policy with a focus on artificial intelligence and data analytics. As an undergraduate, I studied pharmacology and took a variety of bioinformatics-oriented courses where I learned some basic R, Python, and SQL. I am interested in using deep learning to study the real-world impact of new pharmaceuticals and improve patient recruitment and protocol development for clinical trials.

I have worked in clinical research and regulatory affairs at a number of large pharmaceutical companies, including Merck. I can contribute a strong understanding of the research and development process for pharmaceuticals as well as the regulatory affairs process.

Outside of school, I am an avid mountain biker and have completed 3 technical summits of mountains in the Pacific Northwest (Mt. Hood, Mt. Shasta, and Mt. Rainer) and am currently training to try to summit Denali.


(Sarah Seager) #361

Hi everyone,

My name is Sarah Seager and I am the Head of Data Science, OMOP at IQVIA - leading the Remote Studies team where our aim is to deliver world class and globally scalable studies. We are lead by the infamous Christian Reich who I’m sure all of you know or have certainly come across at some point.

I am very keen to contribute to the OHDSI community as much as possible but my OHDSI journey is still very much in its infancy. I am looking forward to becoming acquainted with the community and hope to take part in number of activities.

I look forward to meeting you!

(Tony Blau) #362

Hi, My name is Tony Blau. I have been a hematologist/scientist at the University of Washington in Seattle for nearly 30 years. About 4 years ago I developed a form of blood cancer called multiple myeloma and started a company called All4Cure. All4Cure’s Knowledge Sharing Platform (https://www.all4cure.com/) helps patients and their oncologists make better-informed decisions based on the treatment choices and outcomes of hundreds of similar patients in near real-time. Launched in March 2017, All4Cure’s Platform invites participation from patients, clinicians and researchers and is initially focused on multiple myeloma. Participating patients also allow All4Cure to access all of their medical records from which information is extracted to generate a graph that depicts each patient’s experience with cancer, from diagnosis to present, including all treatments and responses. Patient names are substituted with a unique identifying number. By agreeing to All4Cure’s terms of service and privacy policy, patients waive HIPAA protections and allow their health information to be displayed on their personalized All4Cure dashboards. A discussion panel allows all other participating patients, clinicians and researchers to post comments or suggestions that the patient and his or her oncologist may wish to consider. As of January 1, 2019 more than 670 individuals have registered for All4Cure, including more than 370 patients with myeloma and more than 125 clinicians and researchers. I recently learned about OHDSI and want to better understand how using OHDSI can make the data that we are assembling more readily integrated with other datasets,

(Amer Ghanem) #363

Hi, I’m Amer Ghanem and I am a data scientist at Johnson & Johnson – Epidemiology (Medical Devices). My background is in Computer Science and I am relatively new to this type of research. My focus is on Machine Learning with a background in Natural Language Processing. I just joined the OHDSI community and I am looking forward to learning more about the type of work that is being done here. My initial goal is to get more familiar with CDM as much as possible so.

When not working I enjoy watching and playing sports specifically Futbol/Soccer.