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Welcome to OHDSI! - Please introduce yourself

(Christian Reich) #202


Welcome to the family. Let us know if you need help.

(H Cho) #203

Hello everyone. My name is Hyunsoon Cho. I am a faculty devoting my career to educate next generation health data scientist at the National Cancer Center Graduate School of Cancer Science and Policy in Korea. My background is biostatistics. I am interested in health care big data utilization and statistical analysis algorithms synthesizing multi-site data for cancer research, in particular cancer surveillance and survivorship studies.

Looking forward to communicating with OHDSI members!

(Yuriy Sverchkov) #204

Hello everyone. I am Yuriy Sverchkov, a Scientist at the department of Biostatistics and Medical Informatics at the University of Wisconsin–Madison.

We have a group here that has developed a method for identifying adverse drug events from observational data [1], a generalization of MSCSS, which we are hoping to make available to the OHDSI community.

  1. Pharmacovigilance via baseline regularization with large-scale longitudinal observational data. Kuang Z, Peissig P, Santos Costa V, Maclin R, Page D. Proceedings of the 23rd ACM SIGKDD Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (KDD), 2017

(jessica) #205

Hi Christian. APCD = All Payer Claims Database.

(jessica) #206

@Dymshyts Great!. Your group has mapped/is mapping all payer claims data? Thank you.

(Dmytry Dymshyts) #207

If you say about mapping, it actually depends of the way of source concepts representation. And our mappings cover a lot of terminologies, actually. So there is a pretty high probability that source concepts used in All Payer Claims Database are mapped already.

(Philippe Marc) #208

‘Hello World’
I’m at Novartis, connecting dots within clinical and translational data. No OHDSI contribution or use yet, probably coming soon!

(Tommy Huynh) #209

Hi All!

My name is Tommy Huynh. I am a couple months into my job as a data analyst. My experience with this field is also still junior but I am eager to learn more about it. I am interested in learning about the tech stack and inner workings of ATLAS. I want to be able to add features that will benefit this community as well as my company.

I look forward to learning and contributing with the OHDSI community.

(Kristin Kostka, MPH) #210

Welcome @PhilippeMarc! Nice to see you around the community. :smile:

Community, Philippe is a great resource for navigating the pleasures/perils of ontology management use cases. He gave a wonderful talk at BioIT World 2017.

@Christian_Reich @Patrick_Ryan, you may be fast friends.

(Lionel Van Holle) #211


My name is Lionel Van Holle and I am a pharmacoepidemiologist working for GSK Vaccines.

I am joining the odyssey as I couldn’t resist to the siren’ songs about new methods in signal detection. I like to develop some, test others and investigate areas usually left unexplored. My objective is to learn from you; be part of OHDSI and try to make GSK an active member of the organization.

Looking forward to reading you!

(Subhashis Das) #212

Hi, I am Subhashis Das, a Phd student at the University of Trento, Italy and currently doing my research internship at the University of Edinburgh, UK. In the internship, we are doing a project with NHS Scotland where the main objective is to integrate (medical health records ) data from differents existing database. During the project one of the requirement is to implement OMOP model in our proposed data model. I basically do ontological modeling using fundamental principles guided by DOLCE ontology so my responsibility is to align OMOP model with top level ontology as well as extended it base on our requirement.

(Tracy Rausch) #213

Hello all,
I am Tracy Rausch, the CEO and Founder of DocBox. DocBox is building an open standards based data aggregation and application platform for near patient data. My expertise is around patient safety, clinical systems and medical device informatics or near patient data. I have spent a good portion of the past 12 years conducting research and using existing standards where possible to create a data model of physiological patient data. This includes medical device data discrete values and waveforms and how this data is linked to observational data.

This model has morphed into a “real-time” data model and a retrospective data model. Currently the retrospective model is stored into HADOOP and postgres. The work is still ongoing but our integrated clinical environment platform is currently in use and and on cardiac ICU patients collecting 1.5-2 GB of structured patient data per day.

I was encouraged to join by members of the community and we are strong supporters of open standards based data platforms and data models and source code to advance medicine. We hope we can be an asset to the community.

(Simone Breitkopf) #214

Dear OHDSI community,

my name is Simone Breitkopf, I am heading HEOR, Governmental and Public Affairs at Alcon Germany, the medical device division of Novartis. My main topics are evidence based medicine, HTA, outcomes research, RWE studies in general and RWE studies using secondary data, claims data and further healthcare data. The main challenge I see is getting acceptance by decision makers, so I am highly interested in learning from your experience and in discussing these topics with the OHDSI community to find solutions.


(Akiba Hollins) #215

My name is Akiba Hollins. I currently work for Allscripts. I am new to the OMOP CDM world.
I have a background in observational and intervention clinical studies end care nephrology, cancer care, and pediatric care.
We are currently implementing our first iteration of OMOP analysis at Allscripts. I am tasked with becoming the OMOP SME.
I am finishing my MS as a data scientist this fall. I look forward to learning all I can and eventually becoming a significant contributor to OHDSI.

(Bonnie Kruft) #216

Hi all,

My name is Bonnie Kruft. I work in the Data Center of Exellence at GSK and focus on maximizing the value from our investment in real world evidence data. I am new to the OHDSI community and look forward to learning more about the tools, the OMOP cdm and the community itself.


(David R Munoz) #217

My name is David R Munoz, MD, MPH, FACP, SFSHM, FABQAURP and I am both a clinician and an informaticist. I am currently using 2 large data bases, the first from a Geriatrics/IM practice that contains inpatient, outpatient, SNF, Home Health, Hospice and Research records on more than 25,000 patients over 26 years (1984-2009) and the second is a hospitalist data base from 5 hospitals currently spanning 13 years (1999-2013) with 250,000 patients. We anticipate adding another 7 years (2013-2017) and another 100,000 patients to this cohort

(Chris Roeder) #218

Hi, my name is Chris Roeder. I work as a research assistant in the School Of Medicine at the University Of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus. I’ll be putting my experience as a software developer to work harmonizing clinical trials data into OHDSI with David Kao. I see some familiar names here @mgkahn, @nigam. I look forward to working with you all.

(Philip Shields) #219

Hi all. I’m Phil and I am a nursing RN and newly minted PhD.
I have had two mutually exclusive lives on and off over the last 35 years, they are, technology and health. Technology started off in electronics and migrated into ICT. Health started in the NSW ambulance and migrated into nursing. My two lives recently integrated 15 years ago with the advent of clinical informatics. So, these days I fill in my doterage converting stuff into OWL-DL ontologies and using inference for the benefit of patients. I’m currently converting the Australian version of ICD-10 into an OWL-DL ontology with the hope of using reasoning to infer the ICD code for a patient’s diagnosis.
Also, I tell my dog he is a good boy and walk into posts while star gazing.

(Sturkenboom) #220

Hi I am Miriam and back to ODSHI! Working in Europe and trained as pharmacoepidemiolngists but being in the middle of great engineers who made me appreciate what can be done together. My interest is in using distributed data to study the use and effects of drugs/vaccines especially in vulnerable populations such as children/mothers. I have ran many such studies in the EU and globally and find myself every time with questions that should be addressed in a global manner. My interest in ODSHI is to run studies / have a working group on pediatrics and/or vaccines. Studying dosing in children is always difficult and I would like to find out what is done about that in ODSHI. I was leading the global pediatric pharmacoepidemiology platform as part of the EC funded GRIP Network of Excellence and dosing in children is one of the main areas to be addressed. I also ran global studies on vaccine safety for CDC, WHO and EC where the coding of vaccines/vaccine dictionaries are an issue. So would be great to share and discuss this with you! Within the EU I am coordinating the ADVANCE consortium on vaccine benefits and risks and here the question would be whether we could run some of the ODSHI tools on the CDM. So I am curious and excited to be here and connect and see many areas of collaboration!!

(Laura Hester) #221

Hi All - My name is Laura Hester, and I am a new member of the Epidemiology Analytics team at Janssen R&D (working for @Patrick_Ryan and @Frank ). I’m looking forward to participating in and learning from the OHDSI community!

I recently completed my PhD in epidemiology (specifically cancer pharmacoepidemiology) at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, and I have an MS in epidemiology (concentration in infectious diseases) from Johns Hopkins University. My side research interests include using machine learning methods to reduce bias in observational analyses and to improve treatment decision-making in the clinic. I’m particularly interested in applying these methods in cancer outcomes research.

In my free-time, I enjoy swimming, painting, and crossing places off of my “To Visit” list.