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webAPI war not starting with tomcat 9.0.85

Due to the EOL of apache-tomcat 8.5.x, we are attempting to use apache-tomcat 9.0.85 instead. We get the tomcat manager up, but WebAPI does not start.

I got WebAPI 2.13.0 to run by re-generating using maven.
However, now I get a 404 in Atlas.

404 as in you can’t bring up index.html or 404 as in atlas comes up, but when it accesses the WebAPI endpoint, you get a 404?

Put another way, can you get to the .info endpoint:


I used localhost as an example, but you’d use your own hostname here.

WebAPI/info is working:
{“version”:“2.13.0”,“buildInfo”:{“artifactVersion”:“WebAPI 2.13.0”,“build”:“NA”,“timestamp”:“Thu Feb 01 19:50:30 UTC 2024”,“branch”:“b4acb3a27962207aec132b5e79dafa181c41f1da”,“commitId”:“b4acb3a”,“atlasRepositoryInfo”:{“milestoneId”:42,“releaseTag”:""},“webapiRepositoryInfo”:{“milestoneId”:43,“releaseTag”:""}},“configuration”:{“security”:{“samlActivated”:false,“enabled”:true,“samlEnabled”:false},“vocabulary”:{“solrEnabled”:true},“plugins”:{“atlasgisEnabled”:false},“person”:{“viewDatesPermitted”:false},“heracles”:{“smallCellCount”:“5”}}}

/Manager shows atlas as running.

I originally was able to get some response to https://omopapptest.urmc-sh.rochester.edu:8443/atlas/#/home, but it kept circling. After stopping and starting atlas I now get HTTP Status 404 - Not Found

webapi.log shows numerous:
2024-02-02 10:53:16.818 INFO taskScheduler-5 org.ohdsi.webapi.executionengine.service.ScriptExecutionServiceImpl - [] - Invalidating execution engine based analyses

Reloaded atlas into webapps folder, and can now get to it.

Good, glad you got it resolved. So your webapp wasn’t being hosted in your HTML root, but webapi was started successfully. I’m glad you got it working in tomcat 9, we can provide guidance to let users use it.