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WebAPI `source` table `source_connection` value declaration

Hi @greshje.gmail – I’m almost done with a new Broadsea fork (to be a PR eventually) that handles the following through Docker compose profiles:

  1. Use a separate PG instance for WebAPI
  2. Enable SSL
  3. Enable atlas security
  4. Launch SOLR for fast vocab search
  5. Launch Ares
  6. (Possibly) DQD

In the meantime, you can modify the current docker compose file. You can simply remove the “depends_on: broadsea-atlasdb” piece of the broadsea-webapi service, and remove the actual broadsea-atlasdb service. And then change the credentials / connection details in the broadsea-webapi service to match yours.

And regarding CDMs not on that machine, you can add any CDMs to Atlas as long as they are within your network. There isn’t anything to change in the Broadsea implementation.

Tagging @lee_evans for awareness


This is exciting!

Hi @Ajit_Londhe, @Sanjay_Udoshi, and @lee_evans. Thanks again for all of the help with this. We’ve automated the process for how we are doing our install of CDM/WebAPI/Atlas etc. as described in this post: Ponos: Install an Instance of CDM/WebAPI/Atlas on Windows in 5 Easy, Standardized, Repeatable Steps. For next steps, we still need to point our Broadsea instance to our full CDM/webapi instances and create an instance of the CDM in Databricks.

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That is great news John! We have our instance running with security finally! Thanks to @McClelland_Legge and @Ajit_Londhe

I am testing that Ponos install in a Windows VM btw.

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Thanks @Sanjay_Udoshi ! Please let me know if there are any bumps in the road whatsoever. Also, the current install is intended to be as turn key as possible. Under the hood every thing is broken up into much smaller pieces so it is possible to run precise individual steps but we haven’t created a user interface for this functionality. Also, it would probably be nice if we added some documentation around what all of the configuration parameters do. Let me know what you think. Thanks again!