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WebAPI running, Atlas Runing, but Access denied message to our source

I have Atlas running within our University internal network.

The link: https://hsc-ctsc-atlas.health.unm.edu/WebAPI/info
reports: {“version”:“2.7.8”}

The Link: https://hsc-ctsc-atlas.health.unm.edu/WebAPI/source/sources

This page isn’t working

If the problem continues, contact the site owner.

Atlas itself works (I can open it). I was able create a new source through the Atlas’ configuration:

However, every time I click on the “Check” button the message Access Denied stays constant. The Check button appears Green and the logs do not show any “error” message:

catalina.pdf (600.8 KB)
localhost_access_log.2021-07-15.pdf (20.0 KB)

As far as I know, the atlasuser psql account has enough privileges at the truven db mentioned at the previous picture. What could be the problem? Is this version of Atlas restricted to some version of the Vocabulary? What vocabularies support?

Note: I am running postgres (PostgreSQL) 11.5 (Debian 11.5-3.pgdg90+1)


I don’t think the source/sources endpoint is available via browser once you have security enabled. You would need to use something like ROhdsiWebApi or maybe Postman to authenticate and perform the GET operation.

In the configuration page, did you give your user permission to the Truven source?

Just did that… and the problem vanished!!


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Hi @Ajit_Londhe @jcabrerazuniga ,
Can you please elaborate the steps to use ROhdsiWebApi or Postman configuration for OHDSI.
I couldn’t access the WebAPI/source/sources.
Any help would be highly appreciated.
Thanks in Advance!