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WebAPI Installation and Documentation

(Chris Roeder) #1

I recently worked through installation steps in the WebAPI-Installation-Guide and the PostgreSQL-Installation-Guide to get a small OMOP CDM up for use with Synthea. After navigating a few bumps and getting things working, I either have some questions or contributions to make to the documentation. Did I miss a key page on the Wiki?

What I missed was that Flyway doesn’t build the schema from scratch. It needs to be loaded from CommonDataModel. Then the vocabulary needs to be loaded, and flyway initialized before starting the WebAPI succeeds.

I’m happy to edit pages in greater detail. I mention it here to avoid a possible wiki-war if I missed something. @anthonysena?

(Chris Knoll) #2

Hi, @CRoeder,
Just for clarity: flyway doesn’t manage any of the CDM tables, either the main CDM schema or the vocabulary schema, or the results schema. Flyway only manages the ‘administration’ tables that the WebAPI services use. There is only 1 WebAPI database for many CDM databases (these CDM databases are recorded in the source and source_daimon tables, but WebAPI (via Flyway) is not going to create the CDM databases for you.

All CDM tables and schemas are part of your ETL process.

I think it’s a bug if WebAPI won’t start up without any CDM sources defined…you should be able to Lauch WebAPI before registering any CDMs in your source/source_daimon tables.

Let us know if that is a case where you encountered an error.

(Chris Roeder) #3

Thanks for the clarification. I wondered why I saw the CDM loaded as part of the ETL-Synthea.

I’ll give it another test run of just WebAPI starting from scratch.